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Gear Sport Not Tracking Heart Rate When Exercising

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Hi, is anyone else having this issue with their gear sport or gear S3?

I have had 3 gear S3's and now changed it to a gear sport and am still getting the same issue. 

When I first went out cycling with the gear sport yesterday, it tracked my HR just fine when displayed in the shealth app but since then it is just showing it go up and then a straight line which is obviously wrong. I think its a software issue. The gear S2 does it fine.

See graph 1st use and then whats happened since - before and after:1st use cycling1st use cycling


2nd use and onwards use2nd use and onwards use





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Samsung need to get their software development team to have a look into this.

The email response i have got just requests that i send the device in.
Having had a previous poor experience with sending a device in, I am reluctant to do this. This is a software problem so i shouldn't need to send the device anywhere. Samsung should be looking into the software, whether that be a problem in the Samsung health app on the watch or the OS itself.
It's fairly simple to replicate!

As for the previous request from the Samsung rep...there are no 'error' logs becuase the watch doesn't show an error.
How exactly do we provide you with a log from the watch so your development team can look into this?


Can we get a comment from Samsung on this please?

@ants @Liamh @Andrewl @carolinaw @carlh


Hey @Ricky2@Celiawheelia


Are you both using Gear Sport?

What phones are you using?

What software version are you running?

Is the Gear Manager app up to date?


Once I've collected some information one of us Mods will get this escalated for you guys! 



Say "hello!" and
Introduce Yourself, or virtually hangout in the Samsung Lounge


I went through all this on the phone with samsung over several weeks. I ended up getting put through to a customer relations person by tech support who told me that because i was rufusing to send this back for a 3rd time, they wouldnt do anything. I asked them to escilate to their developers because it had to be an issue with the app but they refused saying its a fault with the device even though id had 2 gear s3's and 2 gear sports swapped kidly by the retailer each time. All my software was up to date and i had tried factory resetting ect. I found that after a reset, it tracked things fine the first time i used an exercise mode but every time after i got this flat line on the apps HR graph. If i reset it again, it did the same, worked fine first go but then any subsequent goes it displayed a flat line. Samsung arent taking it seriously. I assume they are hoping it will die down whilst they work on their next model watch. Awful!



Thanks for your response.


I am using a gear sport SM-R600NZKABTU

The phone I am using it with is a galaxy S8 plus SM-G955F.

The watch software version is:



Phone software version:

Android 8.0.0

Baseband: G955FXXU1CRD1

Gear app

Gear plugin


The gear manager is up to date as well as the watch.


My friend has the same issue using a gear s3 with a note 7.

I am so glad that at last other people are coming forward to say theyve had this problem. I first put this on here back in march so its a massive relief to know that it wasnt just me only that was having this issue. If only their was a way to make this more public

Can anyone else who is having this problem please post the information which Tracey has requested please (a few posts up). The more examples we have the higher the chances of a fix.



I'd like to add that switching continuous heart rate mode on does not fix the issue.

It seems the times i tried it before, it was a fluke.


I had continuous heart rate mode on yesterday and the heart rate failed to record continously whilst recording a workout (Cycling).

Totally agree, mines done the same since i started this thread. I found that if i did a factory reset on the watch, the first time i went out cycling after it mapped my gps and HR just fine. The second time and any time after that, it would just do that straight line for the HR. No errors come up or anything. What i did notice though is that if you set a walk workout up on it, it records your HR fine. It was just when i set it to cycling workout. See what yours does.

Hi Steve,

I also run with the watch and experience the same problem when recording that sort of workout. Not tried walking. Please post your software info etc (few posts up) so Samsung can look into the problem.

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