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Gear sport Battery draining at night


My gear sport watch, which is around 6 months old, had started to battery drain every night. It happens at around 3am. The battery percentage is around 70% when I go to bed (10-11pm) 

I know the time accurately because the sleep record and HR record switch off. 

Has anyone else had this issue? 

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my Gear Sport is 1 week old but I have exactly the same issue. only started happening in the past two nights. i am currently chatting with live support. If they tell me anything useful I will share


still on live chat and its the most frustrating thing I have ever put myself through. Its beyond painful and very unhelpful



My Gear Sport is draining the battery right before my eyes. It does seem to be the Samsung Health app that doing it with a 13% battery consumption. This just stated with the last update a few days ago. SANSUNG PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM!!!


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Please add me to the list of those with the same issue.  The problem seemed to start around 3 days ago. The watch is taking longer to charge, and quicker to discharge. especially over night.




I'm not entirely sure it's just an overnight issue. That's another 14% gone in 2hrs with only a short dog walk recorded but not as a workout.


Might be a different issue with similar symptoms. My daytime use was ok yesterday (7% in about 8 hours), then at night it died. 


Did you have any notifications on the watch? I mean did you clear or was there something pending (when you swipe fully left)? I was thinking and of course daytime I cleared the notifications regularly, however at night obiously I did not. And the main battery drainage was Notifications for me.


Same thing again last night, fully charged mine (100%) and my husband's (99%) watch before we went to bed at midnight, 06.45 mine was at 11% and his was at 33%. Mine then proceeded to drop to 7% in ten minutes.

97% of my battery usage was used by notifications apparently, even though it on do not disturb whilst I sleep.

My husband's watch was a split of 32% Samsung health and 32% notifications.

Compared to in the day, my husband's lasted from 14% to 1% whilst he was at work and mine dropped from 100% to 78%. Both from 8am until 6pm yesterday.


What I don't understand is, I haven't had a software update for it in months and an app hasn't said it needed updating within the last week. So I don't understand what would suddenly cause this to start happening three nights ago.


One of my earlier images shows most of the useage overnight was notifications. This morning i have been clearing them.


Im going to try my luck with return to the store tomorrow and see what they say. Im hoping these images convince them its not fit for purpose and 8% battery loss per hour giving a 12hr useage isnt really accepatable.


My gear sport - same issue. Drain starts about midnight and ends somwhere between 7:00 - 8:00 morning. I charged my watch over whole night today until 6:00. Battery was at 100%. Between 6:00 - 8:00 hours battery drains to 72% with normal use and suddenly stops at approx 8:00 and now from 8:00 to 11:00 drops only 3% of battery. Yesterday and the day before yesterday my watch died during night (dnd on). From fully charged to 0%...


So... Not only did it take forever to charge but it still drained pretty quickly again last night. I turned off as many unnecessary notifications as possible n it seems like notifications n Samsung health still went through a good chunk of my battery. After backing it up yesterday that helped somewhat but didn't stop the drain. I know others backed up and reset their watch to factory and then restored as well. Wonder what they say, but here are some picks. I made sure my watch was 100% before I went to sleep. I didn't even get any notifications while I slept. Screenshot_20181017-211647_Gear S Plugin.jpg


Screenshot_20181017-221223_Gear S Plugin.jpg


Screenshot_20181017-222159_Gear S Plugin.jpg


Screenshot_20181018-045442_Gear S Plugin.jpg



Yep, I'll do the same at some stage if the issue is not getting solved.. (my watch is 2 months old so doesn't really matter when do I bring it back :face-with-tears-of-joy: )

Meanwhile I'm trying to think out of the box a bit. Like everybody is focusing on the watch itself, however the notifications and Samsung health app is highly dependent on the phone app. Even if the notifications are turned off or the do not disturbed is turned on, there is a fix connection between the phone and the watch. In my case my phone was changed just before the issue came up, which means there was a brand new Samsung Wearable app installed on the new phone. To be honest not sure when the last officially updated was (Google play says around August this year) but we can't see what's happening behind the scenes on google play.. It's possible that there was some minor change on the available application which can be found on Google play, but not noted as an "update". Not sure, I don't know, but there's a possibility.

I'll try to connect my watch to the fiance's phone tonight as her watch works perfectly. It there is a software issue on the phone's app side that will show.

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