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Gear sport Battery draining at night


My gear sport watch, which is around 6 months old, had started to battery drain every night. It happens at around 3am. The battery percentage is around 70% when I go to bed (10-11pm) 

I know the time accurately because the sleep record and HR record switch off. 

Has anyone else had this issue? 

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Did you guys do the last security update on your phones? Me and my wife have the same s8+, i got the oct update she did not, if i conect my gear s3 to her phone the battery of my gear s3 is fine, if i connect it to my phone the battery drains in like 7h from 100 to 15%.


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Having the battery drain issues too. 


Hi Everyone...


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Usually let my watch and phone update when an update comes in. So yes on that


I've disabled diagnostics, lets hope it helps as my gear goes from 95%+ at 23:00hrs to 0 % by 04:00hrs :shocked-face-with-exploding-head: It's been like that the last 3 nights!


I have been a Samsung customer for years, and ok, this may be a software issue. Microsoft had an issue with some of their Surface Pros. It was relegated to one of the two brand of battery that was used. They at least ACKNOWLEDGED there was an issue, that a fix was being worked on, and regularly updated their customers. That's more than Samsung is doing. IF only Samsung support would ACKNOWLEDGE that there is an issue, and they are working on it, it might save some face for them, and help to retain some customers.


Today, I have packaged my Gear Sport that I purchased in May, and will be returning it to BestBuy (I bought the GeekSquad protection plan for it). 

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My watch has been doing the same thing. I've even gone as far as to charge it completely every night before I go to sleep. I'm only sleep for 5-6 hours and when I wake it's on 15% or so.

It's 00.40 and I'm off to bed  watch is at 81% which is a highly unbelievable percentage for 13 houtmrs usage but anyway. Ho hum.

Let's see what tonight brings 


mines doing the same thing from last two days

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