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Gear S3 Stopping Workout Tracking after Pause

(Topic created on: 24-03-2021 04:26 PM)
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Having issues with my Gear S3 watch lately. When tracking my runs or cycles, I sometimes pause the workout to take a break. When i hit the resume button, the timer restarts, but the distance and speed does not track. When I stop the workout however, the GPS records my finishing spot on the map, so the GPS function still works. This issue does not occur when I do not pause the workout, it only happens when it is paused.


I have disabled autopause on the watch as this would sometimes activate when cycling up hills (yes I am that slow at cycling!).


Does this function depend on the mobile network perhaps? I have noticed that the three or four times this has happened it was during moments I did not have my phone with me (watch only) or I was in an area with little to no phone signal?



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I have the same issue on my gear S3 !! when I'm running and I make a pause or an the gear pauses automaticly, the distance stays stack and timer keeps on running and that's very frostrating for me because it leads to wrong calculation of my workout so everytime when it's pauses I have to stop the training and restart again

I think it's easy to correct I think it's a GPS line in the code that's missing... so please please try to correct this issue in the next update!!