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Gear S3 on TFL (London) not working

(Topic created on: 19-10-2017 10:49 AM)
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Hi all,

So as the title says, samsung pay does not work on tfl using the Gear S3 watch.

Even though Samsung says Gear S3 will work on tfl as of april's now October.

Am I missing something?

I am with one of the partnered banks (nationwide)

I have rang nationwide and they have said both my gear s3 watch and s7 edge phone is set up with samsung pay and good to go.

When i go to TFl, both tube and overground, i open up samsung pay on my watch and hold it close to the terminal but it says to seek assistance.

Samsung has said you dont need to do that even and can hold it up to the terminal without press and holding the right button to activate samsung pay.

Anyone else have this issue? Or a solution.

Searched everywhere for help on google, no results but one, on the andriod forum one person had the same issue but noone commented back to answer it.

First Poster

Hi. I just bought my gear S3 and i am having the exact same problem.


I've looked for a solution everywhere online but had no luck. I even got my watch replaced as i thought the nfc was faulty, but no luck again. 


I was wondering if had managed to find a solution to the problem?