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Gear s3 frontier screen keeps flipping 180 degrees

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Hi All,


I have a Gear S3 and recently the screen has started to just flip itself 180 degrees! So when I come to view the watch face etc it's all upside down.

I cannot find a setting that would invoke this, I thought it maybe some clever feature that detects of your a left wrist or right wrist wearer but no matter how I try and orientate my device the screen doesn't return to normal. 

I have to reboot to get it back, it could then be fine for a while but still seems to flip again. 


Anyone else have this issue or know of a setting to turn it off!? 


See images below:

Even affects the widgetsEven affects the widgets


The whole display is flipped 180 degreesThe whole display is flipped 180 degrees






Same here - it flips a few times a week - sometimes several times a day. Oddly, only the image flips, the touchscreen acts as if the screen were not flipped. I used to cycle the power, but I just discovered that if I take it off an shake vigourously, it corrects itself.  It almost seems like it is associated with the health app - but who knows.  Running

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mine does this too!

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Also mine, really annoying!

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