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Gear s3 frontier screen keeps flipping 180 degrees

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Hi All,


I have a Gear S3 and recently the screen has started to just flip itself 180 degrees! So when I come to view the watch face etc it's all upside down.

I cannot find a setting that would invoke this, I thought it maybe some clever feature that detects of your a left wrist or right wrist wearer but no matter how I try and orientate my device the screen doesn't return to normal. 

I have to reboot to get it back, it could then be fine for a while but still seems to flip again. 


Anyone else have this issue or know of a setting to turn it off!? 


See images below:

Even affects the widgetsEven affects the widgets


The whole display is flipped 180 degreesThe whole display is flipped 180 degrees





The update will be coming out in the near future, @Armo1.

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I own a Galaxy Watch, SM-R800 model. It had a software update this week and the screen started autorotating. Restarting the watch seems to be the solution. Try this. It might work for the Gear S3 Frontier, too. Worth a try.


When is soon? My watch flips it's face every day. When will the update be avavailable in Ireland? 


@CarlH wrote:

Hi all. We've had confirmation that this particular issue has been fixed with Tizen 4.0. Thank you for your patience. 

There is still the problem with Tizen

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My solution is to restart my watch

I had this issue today, and can confirm a restart fixed the issue.

Had same issue with new Galaxy Watch, running tizen 4. Restarting the watch solved the problem for me. Hope it doesn't happen often. Watch is barely a week old


I actually want to enable it as i use the watch on my right wrist. Can anyone tell me how?



Same thing here.

My watch is running TIZEN

Anyone have a solution other than poer off and power on again?


Mine just flipped for the 3rd or 4th time in the few months I've had the watch. Sure cycling the power resets it but that's annoying to have to do. I'm on Tizen

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