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Gear S3 Frontier battery drain on Tizen




I have recently updated my Gear S3 Frontier to Tizen
On Tizen, I had a battery life of approx 3 days - after updating to Tizen, I have a battery life of max 1,5 day.
1. Do other users experience the same?
2. Does anyone have an idea of what could suddenly drain my battery so quickly?

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I have the same issue, installed 3.0.02 and battery life went down from 3 days to less than a day !!! Freaking frustrating. I dont use the watch anymore because of this.  Is samsung doing with their battery life what APPLE does with their firmwares to make older phones become slower? Forcing us to go buy the new galaxy watch ??

I have updated to

Effectively reviewing the monitoring of the use of RAM I realized that Third Party Watch Faces and APP are the problem of battery drainage with (in 6 hours the battery go from 100% to 10%); but today when it comes to reset the clock and just leave the applications created by Samsung in 5 hours my clock still maintains a charge of 94%.

  • Then I recommend Reset the wacth and uninstalling all third party applications and Faces.
  • Developers are going to have to create new apps for this new Tizen 3

Hey Samsung, are you listening to these complaints? broke the watch.
Stop telling us to tweak this or that! It's not user error.

Stop making excuses, your customers are leaving you in droves!


Hi, yeah I think that RODO (new EU law for protecting consumers rights) had something to do with it. I had to use my laptop (It didn't work on my mobile) to log in onto my Samsung account and I had to accept the new terms and conditions.

Hi guys!


My problem got solved miseriously.

I got an update for the Gear back in july (2018) and I was so happy, but it didn't solve anything. Same problems with warm watch while charging, and around 10 h worth of battery.

In august after the Galaxy Watch reveal I got an update for the Gear plugin / Galaxy weareble app and the problem just dissapeared. I don't know if it's due to the app or not

I now have 3-4 days battery on my watch again and I'm so happy for it.

I'm still on Tizen

Software version: R760XXU2CRH1

Knox version: 2.2.0

TIMA: 3.0.0

Gear app (on phone)

Gear S plugin

I have just noticed in the last 2 days my battery has been draining lile crazy. Yesterday it died for the first time ever in the 4 months i have owned it and today i left for work with it at 100% at 6:55am and it is now 11:08am and its at 27% i habe reset my watch and has done nothing. I have only 2 watch faces no other apps or anything different from the rest of the time. Keep in mind i do turn it off every now and again too reset the systems. Please post some tips because if this continues i will probably have too try and return my item (doubt i can get a refund) and just go back too my g-shock

I have the same problem. I barely get 6 hours of battery. The same thing happened in Nov. After the last update. I sent my watch in for repairs. This time I contacted Samsung support and they said to send the watch in again, but I would have to pay for the repair. 

This is ridiculous for a software update that broke my $500 watch and I have to pay for Samsung's mistake.

I find the absolutely pathetic denial of knowledge of the problem by Samsung does not inspire confidence in the brand.


They need to get their stuff together if they want repeat business of positiver referrals.


I feel like a loser using their products.



Hi since updates on Samsung frontier ,might as well bin watch as im getting a day if im lucky with battery and brightness and sound turned to silence ,i dont play around with watch just sits there ,im thinking of going back to my samsung gear s2 

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