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Gear S3 Frontier battery drain on Tizen




I have recently updated my Gear S3 Frontier to Tizen
On Tizen, I had a battery life of approx 3 days - after updating to Tizen, I have a battery life of max 1,5 day.
1. Do other users experience the same?
2. Does anyone have an idea of what could suddenly drain my battery so quickly?

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My Frontier doesn't even have an option called "Update Gear Softwear" available.


I really like this watch, but the last 2 nights I've gone to bed with over 80% charge and woke up to a dead watch. I hope this doesn't turn out like my Samsung POS.


 Their latest release still does not always fix the issue.  Here what seems to work.  

1.  go into the following apps on your phone and clear the memory cache. 

Gear S Plugin

Galaxy wearable

Samsung Health

2.  Factory reset your watch

3.  Power off your watch

4. Power back up and go through the start up process again.  

5.  Turn off report diagnostics under watch settings, about gear

There is an issue with the last SW update that for some reason kills battery life and SAMSUNG has no idea how to solve it.  After doing this my watch went from 8 hr batt life to about 20% battery use per day.  

I hope this helps.  


The option appear in the Galaxy wereable app on youre phone


I am almost certain I updated on the watch not on my phone app. But I don't remember how I did it, I was just so happy when it worked. My software version is now R760XXU2CRK2. I did delete the Samsung Galaxy watch app (only app available to me) and Samsung Health app from my phone while the watch was updating.

a few things I have noticed are different since the update, my notifications still come through from my phone without the app running on the phone. But if I move away from my phone, my watch vibrates to let me know I've lost connection. Then when I go back to my phone the watch vibrates and I have to press the tick to reconnect to my phone. I did not have to press the tick before the update. And when the watch is on charge it doesn't show the charging screen with % charged, it shows the watch face.


I applied the fix as listed here and we'll see how it goes. But it kind of pisses me off that I have this nice watch that does some pretty cool stuff but you can't hardly use 10% of it becasue the battery will go down so quick.

I am coming up to 37 hrs since doing the update and fully charging the watch. It is still on 64% battery with all things turned on except wifi and always on display.

Since the update, with no BT today ( wifi off and aod also off ) i'm at 53% after 2 days usage :
- Monday : fully charged at about 23
- Yesterday : above 20 min wifi, BT all the afternoon, plane mode during night

- Today : No Bt at all ( wasn't on need for it ), HR auto 10 minutes : Off

Still 53% at 21.40

Will see tomorrow ... It's first time i really exceed 2 days usage with a perpective of having it 3 days without trouble. Before update it was 2 days max with my usage and sometimes 2,5 days taking care...

It seems i'm going to have it 3 days without any trouble ! would be nice !

Tomorrow will use more Bt and HR ...


Update. 59 hrs since the update and full charge and it's still got 48% battery left. So much better than the 8 hrs I got from 100% to dead when I first got the watch 5 days ago.


I did the proceedure that REO1 suggested and the watch is working great now. Lets just hope I don't have to do that monthly.


above the same for me

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