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Gear S3 Frontier battery drain on Tizen




I have recently updated my Gear S3 Frontier to Tizen
On Tizen, I had a battery life of approx 3 days - after updating to Tizen, I have a battery life of max 1,5 day.
1. Do other users experience the same?
2. Does anyone have an idea of what could suddenly drain my battery so quickly?

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This is a complete system issue with their update. Notifications, blue tooth in high power mode vs low, Samsung health a battery pig, no ability to roll back update. Example or poor support and testing before release. The bigger issue is they are ignoring and lying about it. Love the,watch when it is usable hate the company support!!!

The same experience last night, I had 77% battery when I went to bed. Woke up at 07:30 with 0% battery and the watch was off


Did a full reset and removed altimeter/barometer app and my gear S3 frontier is back to normal.Used35% in 24 hours.

I did a full reset and removed altimeter/barometer app after new setup.Gear s3 back to normal and used 35% in 24hours with moderate use.This was the solution to my battery drain after receiving the update
Must also add that since full reset I have not updated any apps that notify me that there is an update.incl the health app.I have turned off auto updates.

Must also add that since full reset I have not updated any apps that notify me that there is an update.incl the health app.I have turned off auto updates.

Sorry but Is this a Full reset of watch or phone  or both ??


Well after trying to do a reset on my S3 it managed to brick itself and go into a bootloop 😮 So it's now been sent to a service center via UPS.  Here's hoping that they don't damage my watch or try to claim it's not covered under warranty (5 months old btw). If they try anything funny with me I will raise one holy sh*tstorm with them.  See how long this all takes now.... Thanks Samsung! 🤬

Gear S3 Frontier, Honor Play

Hi There


All i did was turn off the health app through the gear wearable app on my phone. I have not reset the watch, i am still running Tizen and since my fisrt post my watch is still on 100% battery life.


Good news everyone !!!


Later of some tests I think i have one quick solution (but very very aggresive), it worked for me.


First of all... DELETE ALL YOUR STUFF !!! I just backed up my videos and pics and went full restore on my phone.

Once it was like new i checked for new updates and guess what? I had one update released on october 16... It was a quick update with improvements for security and game launcher (I have a SM-G955F and the update is G955FXXU3CRGH/G955FOWA3CRH2/G955FXXU3CRGH security patch from august 1 2018).


I just had let run the galaxy apps for updates on the samsung apps... Once i had nothing else to update I went full recovery to my watch too (with the watch turned off press and keep pressed the button to turn it on until the screen flashes, later of this release and press the button few more times until the screen goes all black with some text, with the same button push it each time until get select "Recover" and again keep pressed the button until screen flashes release the button).


Later of this I have updated all the apps on the watch and uninstalled monster vampire and barimeter... On the watch settings turned off the GPS location and the NFC.

Opened the samsung health app on the watch and went to settings and turned off all into the settings even the hearth rate monitor (and I mean all the settings even the sleep notifications)... On my phone I disabled the detect workout setting too and deleted all my data (there is an option to do this, good bye to all my data recording)... Went to sleep with 88% charge and woke up with 79%, now 2 hours later i have 77%... I think this is just a "quick solution" and couldnt be working as intented to save battery, but at least i can get more than one day of battery life...

Almost 10 hours 30 minutes running and just 23% drained with still 1 day 19 hours of battery remaining.


I hope this could help you too guys... I will let you know if something else happens.


Screenshot_20181019-093332_Gear S Plugin.jpg



Well, here i am too.
I have the watch since July and it was working perfectly.
I have only installed an app that controls my phones' camera, nothing else. No watchfaces,no widgets, nothing.
I had the latest update installed since the day it was out.
I had no issues, till 3 days ago.
Only thing i messed with, was that stock watchface with the round clock and the red heart monitor. I only used it to get a bpm reading and then changed to my previous watchface.
Since then, i have the same issue with all of you. Battery drain, so bad that it hardly lasts a day.
I don't turn it off at night, or take it off. I only turn flight mode on, but still...After 5 hours, i have 30% less battery.(while sleeping)
Anyway, i'm going to turn off "Report diagnosis and user info" and see what happens.

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