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Gear S3 Classic watch stuck in reboot loop

(Topic created on: 28-03-2020 09:31 PM)

Hi there,


Purchased a Gear S3 Classic watch in October and, for some reason, woke up this morning and it was stuck at the "Samsung Gear S3 Classic" login screen and not starting up.


I've read numerous posts from people having the same issue and I've also tried the various fixes (pressing the power button until "rebooting" shows, pressing power button multiple times, selecting "recovery" option etc) but NOTHING is working. All I have now is a very expensive watch stuck on a login screen.


Has anyone figured out a fix for this issue yet or have any suggestions about how to get this problem resolved?


Sold all my Apple gear (iPhone, Apple Watch, Macbook Air, iPad Pro) back in October to move everything across to Samsung (S8 Phone, Galaxy Book 2 in 1, Gear S3 Classic watch). I'm hoping I haven't made a mistake. Come on Samsung prove to me I've made the right choice.



I am having the the problem.

Can you send me the information/ link?

I would greatly appreciate!!


the fix for me, was that I called Samsung, and they told me it would be $72 to fix(i let them know, nothing extra right?  and they said no, only $72, then when I sent it in, they emailed me and let me know it would be $190 dollars to fix, that it was water damage to my watch's mother board.  That angered me, because i have never been underwater and don't live near the ocean or live in a humid area, i let them know it was probably caused by sweat, which would be a defect, because it was suppose to be a sports watch.  I threw a fit because they said it would only be $72.  They agreed to pay for the mother board repair and a couple days later I got my watch back.

If the hard recovery doesn't work, just put it under the Sun, in a window.
Sometines the watch have a little moisture inside, so the light of sun will finish that problem
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Samsung has gotten to be the worse.

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This fixed it more me. Just do the normal reset but have it on the dock while doing. It. Been trying to do this forever. Thanks.


I keep getting emails on this post. I wrote the fix which was changing the battery but Samsung took down for some reason. maybe I had link or something that was not inline with posting terms.


You have to do on charging dock cause battery is too weak for start up.


Not all batteries are the same. Some advertise more capacity but not true when tested. Try to get a Samsung or korean, Japanese cells with better quality.


Think of an ice cube tray.  cause when you get your new battery you want to condition it so that it last.


Do a full charge, best over night to be sure. Then use your watch DO NOT CHARGE.  wait till battery dies totally. then let it settle for about 10 minutes or so.  Then try to reboot again.  It will come up and die again. Just keep doing every once in a while till it's totally dead and will not boot.


Do a full charge again overnight. and go through the same process again till totally dead. then wait try to boot it again to fully drain.


I did the process 3 times.


It will be like a new watch. brighter, zippier.

Infact, I don't even remember it working this good when it was new.


If you think about everything the watches have, cell , gps, bt, wi-fi,  it's pretty amazing that little battery drives it all.


That's it. Also watch has an Oring on back cover make sure it's good and in right place when closing cover. I used a little silicone grease made for o-ring. regular grease is said to eventually degrade O-ring Mine has not had any problems by swimming in pool. Have not tried to go to maximum depth.  


sorry I can not point to you to anywhere to get replacement battery cause post will be taken down. 


it's a great little watch just have to factor changing battery every year or so depending on your use, if you want it to run optimal. It's still pretty impressive what it does with that little battery and everything going on with that tiny cellphone watch.


Stay safe everyone.




This won't work on mine.. Left it for 3hrs while I went to work and still the battery is flat but it has enough charge to keep the bootloop going.. I can't even turn the ***** watch off if I turn it off and not charge it, it will stay off.. Put it on the dock and that's it bootloop and will never charge.. The battery will burn out before it chargers


Will never get a Samsung smart watch again.. Don't trust them 


Ok getting somewhere on this issue steps are as followes.  1, get some tape and tape the back button down 2, when on the S3 boot screen not (rebooting) when that goes off press power 3 times 3, get app ready on your phone if your like me your would have reset 10000000 times 4, once paired leave it to charge if that back button is let go the watch will continue to go back in to bootloop when charged see if the ***** stays in with out the tape (if anyone can add to this please do thanks)



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Hi, You made terribly wrong decision switching from apple to samsung. I'm a former Samsung user and currently a apple user, it's because samsung is not as reliable and capable than apple. Samsung is completely trash a company. They promised and claimed Gear s3 water resistant capability but that watch will not even survive the rain. Goodbye Samsung forever.

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This absolutely fixed my issue. Thanks. I did notice I have an issue with the USB connection on the back of the dock which I suspect is what put the watch in this state as well.