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Gear S3 Battery Indication

(Topic created on: 4 weeks ago)
First Poster

Hi, I have a Gear S3 - not the Frontier - the model before this. Whether this is relevant, I don't know.

The battery life on the watch is about what you'd expect - around 1.5 - 2 days when fully charged.

The Wear app on my phone - and the watch face itself shows normal battery drain.

However, when the watch gets to about 18% battery, the watch completely dies.

When I put it on the charger, the watch then shows that it's at 75% battery ! And, it takes no time at all to recharge to 100%.

Query is: why does the battery indicator show different figures at different times - both on the Wear app and the watch itself ?

What I've done.

Completely factory reset the watch.

Re-established all the Bluetooth connections with the Wear app on my phone.

Have updated the software on the phone as there was a Samsung update available.

I have the Samsung Fitness app running all the time. Could this be a factor ?

One idea I had was to try and completely drain the watch battery and get it to recharge from zero. I don't know whether this is possible and/or whether it would have any effect on my issue or, even how to do it.

Suggestions/ideas will be very welcome.