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Gear S3 battery drain

(Topic created on: 22-05-2020 10:40 PM)
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yesterday my Gear S3 Frontier's battery started to drain crazy fast. from 100% to being completely dead in just a few hours while my usual batterylife is around 2-3days. It has done this once before back in 2018 i think but that was due to a bad update and has since been fixed if i remember correctly, and to my knowlage there has been no updates to the watch or the phone app recently so dunno whats up. Anyways so far i have tried factory reset and turning off location wifi diagnostic info and all that good stuff to no effect.

samsung, what is going on? Same on my side...
From one day to the next, battery life went down from ~3 days to 12-13 hours.
Meanwhile, I got my battery replaced, but even with new battery, it just lasts 16-18 hour, when just sitting around and having everything optimized. Lots of functionality is already turned of.
That‘s a pity, that you build such great smartwatch hardware and then kill it via software, so I have to make it a non-smart watch to, survive the day. (All this came with Tizen

Please speed up with the fixing update. Meanhwile after 6 weeks I am going to hate my watch an everybody is laughing...