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Gear Fit2 Pro GPS not accurate

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This week I started running in the morning. I'm just starting and slowly building up my distance and speed. I try to take the minimal amount of items with me, so I leave my phone at home and just use my Gear Fit2 Pro watch. 


The first time I went I didn't wait till the GPS was on, but just started when my watch gave the signal that my heartrate was detected. Stupid me, because when I was back at home only half my run had been recorded with the GPS.


This morning I went for a second run and before I started I made sure my heartrate and GPS were detected before starting my run. Nonetheless, when I got home my GPS had had a mind of its own, again. This is what the Samsung Health made of my run:


Screenshot_20200708-100122_Samsung Health.jpgRondje rennen.PNG

The second picture is the route I made before running in Strava and what I actually ran. I start and end at the same spot and I run this route counter clockwise. 


The distance is more or less the same, but as a starting runner this is really frustrating. I don't know whether my pace is accurate and/or when my heartrate spikes. 

When I go cycling with my watch I don't have this issue. 



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