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Gear Fit 2 Strap

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How can I get a new genuine strap?

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  1. Going from Samsung's help page here > Samsung Support.


They suggest to buy watchbands from Amazon. 


"The size of the band is available in 2 sizes, small and large. To view the wrist measurement guide, click here. You can purchase replacement bands from retailers such as Amazon"

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Sorry i am a bit late on this one but I must admit I did like the way the fit is designed.


But for me i am heavy handed and that little push in wouldn't have lasted long


There are many other straps available but I bought tg greatfine silicon stap that the gear just slots as it's silicon and as raised edges protecting it from most knocks and as a result 6 months later my gear is still looking brand new 

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I too would like an answer to this one. I need a replacement strap that will fit an 8.5" wrist and I don't mean on the last adjustment hole! I have chatted to Samsung online, spent what seemed like hours on the phone to various departments. It always end up in failure with a recommendation to go to Amazon or BestBuy, neither of which seem to have large straps. I have owned many Samsung phones since the 90's and I am awaiting delivery of a Note 10. I hope I am not going to be disappointed.

If you're looking for genuine straps, try here:


You can buy just the one side you need.  I bought one side due to the clasp coming out about 18 months after I got the GF2, then I bought the other side after that one failed.  The glue holding it in just seems to fail.  18 months after getting the first half of the band, that same side failed again.


Good to have the option of a genuine Samsung Strap. 

But a tad expensive at approx £45 for both sides of strap and cheapest shipping from Netherlands to UK

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