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Gear fit 2 strap broken

(Topic created on: 02-10-2018 06:27 PM)

Hi all, the strap on my gear fit 2 has broken and I bought a copy as replacement as I couldn't find a genuine Samsung strap. The copy strap keeps popping off the watch face so I don't trust it to keep my watch on my wrist.


I contacted Samsung today and they said that the strap isn't covered under the warranty but I can buy a new strap. However, when I was transferred to sales they said they don't have official replacement straps but they have some resellers that offer straps. She gave me 3 companies - formysamsung, e spares and partmaster. I've checked all of these online and none of them sell straps either.


So I now have a fitness band that I can't wear! Has anybody else had this issue? I can't believe Samsung don't sell replacement straps, just shows that they're only interested in selling new things and not interested in providing after care...


I bought a galaxy fit 2 a week ago and on the first day I went to the swimming pool, the band felt out my arm due to the strap. Luckily, people on the swimming pool noticed and have the band back to me. I feel really disappointed, the band supposes to sustained the heavy moving during the workout/activity but it does not and fell on the first try.


Hi When my original strap broke around 6 months after purchase,  I tried various alternatives which eventually broke as well.

I settled on using a strap where the phone clips in, might not be ideal, but its easy to take out to fit on the charger.

This is my 2nd strap of this type, they do eventually break but cheap to replace & I purchased spare strap 😀

I guess issue maybe be it falling out of strap but not had a problem yet & might affect accuracy but tbh original strap stair count never worked properly.

I did attach pictures but the replay interface would never let me delete duplicate pic so give up and deleted them all.

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Lost two watches because band broke and I didn't notice  until I got home my samsung fit 2 wasn't on my wrist.  I figure it broke since on my 3rd samsung fit 2, it once fell off but it was in my house so I can see how it broke.


Can't even complain, since the watches are gone (lost).  How to do "find a watch"-- does it cover miles of distance or does it have to be within bluetooth coverage range?


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What is the funniest thing about this whole situation is that all the complaints they are getting about their straps not keeping the watch on the wrist, doesn't even get a reply from Samsung!  I've always been happy with everything I bought until I got this watch!!  Now 2 watches in, Over $300 lost between the 2 and still can't get anyone to fix my watch or replace it! So I've converted to a cheap $30 watch.  GUESS WHAT??  I have absolutely no problem with it staying on my wrist! Maybe samsung could learn something from them....  You think??