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Gear fit 2 strap broken


Hi all, the strap on my gear fit 2 has broken and I bought a copy as replacement as I couldn't find a genuine Samsung strap. The copy strap keeps popping off the watch face so I don't trust it to keep my watch on my wrist.


I contacted Samsung today and they said that the strap isn't covered under the warranty but I can buy a new strap. However, when I was transferred to sales they said they don't have official replacement straps but they have some resellers that offer straps. She gave me 3 companies - formysamsung, e spares and partmaster. I've checked all of these online and none of them sell straps either.


So I now have a fitness band that I can't wear! Has anybody else had this issue? I can't believe Samsung don't sell replacement straps, just shows that they're only interested in selling new things and not interested in providing after care...

Hi @Paints

Sorry to hear you've been having trouble sourcing a replacement strap for your Gear Fit 2. As a workaround for this issue you can try visiting an authorised Samsung Support Centre to enquire about fitting a new strap or fixing your existing one. This will be a chargeable service however it will ensure that the strap is genuine and that any work done will not affect your existing warranty. To find your nearest Support Centre please follow the link below, select 'Mobile Device > Phones, Tablets and Wearables' and enter your post code:

Hi Andrew


I've had a look at the link you shared and my nearest service store is 25 miles away.


This is hardly convenient and confirms my thought that Samsung is not interested in keeping existing customers happy.


I think this will be my last Samsung product.

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I agree it's a conundrum why Samsung have chosen to not sell straps. 


Accessories I would have thought are a good revenue earner?


Have you tried Amazon or eBay for example. 


Another option could be to search for someone selling one of those watches that's non working etc just for the strap. 


I wish you all the best with this situation. 



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Sorry so hear others have had problem with strap on the Gear Fit 2 breaking.

My Gear Fit 2 strap broke one side of my watch today 😢 all i was left with was 2 stubs protruding from watch where strap had been connected. I'm assuming new strap fits on these stubs 🤔 I now realise the end had broken apart on the strap I Also learned how to remove the strap its important when you push the release tab you try to slide towards you from the watch.

15535155348677894749671855904808.jpgtowards you from watch, Pics of my broken strap and one I had removed.20190325_115851.jpg20190325_115937.jpg20190325_115958.jpg20190325_120003.jpg

Disappointed now with the watch and lost confidence with it staying on my wrist I was hoping they were more robustly designed but now only 3 months old 😮 the straps broken already.



After having my watch for only 6 months my strap also broke and it was sent to Samsung South Africa, one of Samsungs technicians assessed the watch and responded by stating the following "your units warranty is void due to physical damage."   I was very disappointed as i think this is a design fault that Samsung needs to address urgently.  My watch was not being abused as they made out to be.   I agree with you that these watch straps should have a more robust design and hopefully Samsung will address this issue urgently.IMG_20190501_181557[1].jpg

Sorry to hear your strap has broken, mine was only 3 months old with normal usage when it suddenly fell apart. Definitely poorly designed you would think the least they could do is sell replacement original straps at low cost 🙂🤗

Add me to the list with a broken strap after 3 months, exactly the same as the photos posted in this thread. I was putting it on my wrist when it broke. I have no idea what kind of support I will receive here in Thailand

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The one clip keeps popping out .. .have tried a replacement strap which improved thing slightly but it still falls off constantly   Have now got a cracked screen from it falling off my wrist.  Bought in USA and Samsung UK won't even contemplate fixing it.  Samsung US have asked for me to post to them but not good enough aftersales care! 

Sorry to hear about another broken strap good luck in finding a replacement.

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