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Gear Fit 2 Pro - Heart Rate Zones

(Topic created on: 01-08-2018 11:51 AM)



Recently I purchased Gear Fit 2 Pro. I have one big concern. Is there any option to manually set up hear rate zones values?? Or the HR max?? People are different and my moderate resting HR  is above the standard one. Therefore when I'm resting or watching TV, my Gear Fit registers Light Activity instead of Very Light Activity. Moreover it shows that all day long I`m doing light activity instead of very light (sitting, driving, resting, reading). Therefore I assume it shows very inaccurate calories burn...


This issue concerns working our as well. It shows and register higher activity than acctualy is. I know that the heart rate zones are standarized based on WHO reports (at least that info shows in Gear Fit2 Pro), but there should be some way to personalize heart rate zones. I should have higher values but on the other hand long distance runners would have lower rangaes than avarage (long distance runners have approx. 50-60 hr when resting)...


Please implement option to manually set the heart rate zones or at least the Maximum Heart Rate (HRmax). Peoples are DIFFERENT.


Above this issue I love it, Gear Fit 2 Pro is great....


Hope SAMSUNG will implement possibility for manually adjusting Heart Rate Zones.


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Thank you for posting this, I would really like a response on this as well... I hope they reply and give us a fix for this.


I am wondering if that is part of where my problem is coming from with the innacuracy of the heart rate tracking... I have it set to continuous heartrate, and it will show me at 45 bpm and then ~100 when I am just sitting here doing nothing other than watching a show or any of the other things you stated.  Which leads me to be continously be in "Light Activity" all day, when it certainly should not be light activity.


I believe the lowest it has tracked me at was 37 bpm, and the highest 175. Now, the 175 -may- have been acurate for the time since I have a condition (POTS) where my pulse does jump rather high when I stand up from sitting or lying. But it happened when I was just sitting reading something on my computer. (Right now tis reading a pulse of 108, now 79... this is rather ridiculous) It has such a huge innacuracy than my finger pulse OX or Blood Pressure Cuff... Not to mention that the pulse jumps wildly when I have been sitting for a long time, and well that is not normal at all to jump from 45 to 100 while sitting reading something on my computer... I had a FitBit Charge, and FitBit Charge2 prior to this band, and they worked just fine and were within 5 beats correct of doctors offices, me checking my pulse manually, and the Pulse OX and the Blood Pressure Cuff... But you could make your own ranges for heartrate on them, so I do not know if maybe that would fix my problems with huge jumps in pulse for no reason. Granted my FitBits were both set to the normal zone of whatever they use, but still....


I know tis not intended at all for health conditions, and actually states not to use it as a medical devices, so I definitely do not use it for such. I certainly do not base anything in my health related choices with my condition with this fitness band. I would have probably wound up thinking I needed to go to the hospital to have them give me IV saline or something to calm my pulse down, only to find out their machines would read my pulse as normal and have them send me on my way with a bill...


Soooo... If changing ranges is what could fix all of this. Please please reply with a fix. I adore this band, everything else about it is wonderful. Other than it does not like to track my stairs, I go up about 2 flights a day to my apartment but it rarely logs them. I do not care that much about that though honestly, I want the activity levels to be corrected for having extra light activity and for my pulse to not be so wildly innacurate.


It really is difficult to even believe any of my workout activity reports from this band right now... Sure, they are making me feel like I am doing well haha, but pretty sure they are not accurate and I should have much less activity than I am...


 Apologies if I stole your post a bit, I can make my own if you prefer me delete this one and do that I shall. I was looking up my issue and read your post and it seems it may be somewhat applicable to my own.




Great post!!!


The more of us, concerned about this issue, the better. As your problem is somehow "wider" (my GF 2 Pro seems to be accurate in HR tracking). I believe the issue with heart rate zones could be "easily" corrected by devs in next update.


Thank you for sharing.  


Best regards,





I also want to have this solved. My max heartbeat also differs from the benchmark. 


Next to that it would be handy if the heart rate can be expressed as a percentage of your max heart rate.





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Ive just recently purchased the gear fit 2  pro. I'm also experiencing issues with the the HR monitor.

 The majority of the time I feel it's providing an accurate reading, but I do get quite a lot of high readings or spikes as I call them when the HR monitor has recorded a heart rate figure, which as far as I'm concerned is ridiculous. I mean something like 177 or higher . I'm reasonable experienced enough to know that it's  a false reading.

The other problem is the speedo swimming app doesn't upload my swimming data to the Samsung health app, you have to record it there manually, this can't be correct. Hopefully someone will reply about this.






Hi @Foxey100 I am one behind you with gear fit 2 although rare in the 8 months I have been using it there as been a couple of occasions were I have had high readings,

I believe it is due to sweat and sometimes a bit of gunk and also talking readings whilst you are doing vigorous workouts.


Regarding detecting your workouts make sure you have them activated on your gear and also you have options in the s health app by using the + sign and sliding over the ones you wish to use 

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I too recently bought a Samsung Fit 2 Pro to replace a lost Garmin Viofit HR +


Though I love the fit, look and screen and AI of the Samsung, the HR is all over the place. It is accurate sometimes but more often at a start of a run it will be stuck at 130beats and I'll have to go in and toggle the HR setting to get it to work. 


Tonight my heart rate spiked to 168 - I'm in my 60s. Nothing I did could get it down beside taking it off. 


Yes, I've seen some junk on the back of the sensor and cleaned it off and it worked, but then later in the day on a short run it was wacked again. 


I've soft booted it I've updated to the new firmware and factory reset. Nothing works for it to be consitently accurate. 


Frankly, either I've got a lemon - as many others have too  - or something is wrong with the sensor / sotware or both. 

And, I never had an issue with the HR on the Garmin. 


In all the threads I've read about this I've seen no akcnowledgment from Samsung about this problem. 


Life's too short I'm going to go back to Garmin. 

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I was using the Speedo On app then switched to just using the Samsung Exercise and selecting swimming. This is integrated and works equally well

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Who is reading this in 2018?

I know I am. I recently bought a gear fit 2. After some initial struggles I have come to like it, I also like the accuracy of the heart rate monitor (I compared it in a run to a bluetooth chest strap heart rate monitor, and it was identical, only different slopes up or down).


Anyway, this comment as this thread have sidetracked into HR accuracy, but coming back to the original point of Kamil108: It is so odd that the app places so much emphasis on the heart rate zones, but not only can you not set them as Kamil108 says, I cannot even see what they are. I mean is there any way to see what the bpms for the zones are, except for the resting zone that is listed when you measure your heart rate on the watch?


Or what is the max heart rate it calculates with? Or how is that determined. It is crazy it emphasizes these zones but does not say *anything* about them. So for me it says 61-77 for the resting zone. This appears (again, you cannot see this I think) to be based on a max heart rate on 154. And that heart rate is the maximum measured of the first of use. But that is just nuts, because I did not really excersize on that first day, so that 154 must have been a random misread. And I have had several higher bpms on several days since then, is it really that all these graphics are just based on a random misread of the first day? No way to be sure for me...


Anyway, +1 for letting me set the zone rates myself, and then letting me see those settings. Now also with the poor graphic of heart rate in the app it feels to me like the hardware people did a great job getting good readings for the most part, the requirements people thinking 'let's use that for the zones', and then passing it to the app people who have no idea of what a heart rate even is.


Also, why is the heart rate not in the GPX export?

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2021 and using the new Galaxy Watch 3 and still no improvement. I am a high-pulse runner and the standard max heart rate and zones don't fit al all. 

Also, very little information in the GPX export: no heart rate, none of the other metrics (asymmetry, contact time, flight time, regularity, vertical, stiffness). They are great in principle, but there is no way to analyse that data outside of the app. 

I thought the new Watch 3 with all the sensors could be an alternative to Garmin for sports, but it's not. Not because of the hardware but because basic software features and connectivity are missing and have not implemented despite people asking for them. 

This is needlessly unhelpful from Samsung (is anyone from Samsung reading these forums?). In addition to that they put ads into the Health App for customers who have paid 100s of Euros/Dollars/Pounds... for the devices. Very disappointing.