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Gear Fit 2 Pro GPS Inaccurate


I should have mentioned the distance unit is set in: Settings->Profile->Distance unit.


Hi guys,


I have noticed same problem with fit2 pro. With phone is ok only then battery is optimized. If you are using any battery power saving - gps signal won't be accuratre. Today I run only using fit2 pro and distance measured was 4.3km but real distance is around 5.5km



I noticed that too in the latter days of my Gear Fit2 Pro.  I say "latter days" because I have abandoned it.  It got wet and after a LOT of fanagling with Samsung, they repaired it.  It seemed to work ok for awhile but then stopped with the same message I got when I first had it repaired.  It was out of warranty so I took it apart and there was a fair amount of blue copper oxide visible in the circuitry.  The screws are covered by inadequate rubber-ish plugs that IMHO, can't help but leak.  I decided I had had enough and shelved it; too many problems.


Interestingly, my GearS3 has similar, occaisonal GPS and heart-rate cut-outs.  Even my Note9 has this problem.  This is definitely a Samsung issue so I'm pretty skeptical about their quality.  I love the GearS3 and still use it but, of course, it is not waterproof and can't be used for swimming.  When it works (99% of the time), it is very accurate.

I have gotten my money's worth out of the GearS3 and I love the Note9 but the Gear Fit2 Pro is not a good device.

FWIW, I just ordered a Huawei GT2.  It is not as feature-full as the GearS3 (not quite!) but it has great battery life and is good for swimming (and is on sale right now!).

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