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Gear Fit 2 inaccuracies with GPS


Hey Guys,

I have had my Gear Fit 2 for a week and whilst GPS maps my cycle rides perfectly everytime, the distance and mapping for some of my walks is completely wrong.

For example, today I GPS tracked a walk which I estimate at around 0.70 miles.  My Gear Fit 2 recorded this walk as 1.16 miles and the map shows me walking to areas well outside of where I actually walked.

A screenshot of the walk is below and the area inside the red line is where I actually walked.

Screenshot_20180621-143658_Samsung Health.jpg

I would be grateful for some advice on how to solve this problem?

Also, when I complete a GPS tracked walk the App does not show the steps for that walk, just the distance and a whole load of other stats but no steps.  Any suggestions?




Phone: Samsung A5(2017) SM-A520F
Baseband: ***********
Carrier: EE
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