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Galaxy Wearable Calendar Sync With Outlook Calendar

(Topic created on: 20-11-2020 10:41 AM)

Hi folks, I have a new Samsung 42mm watch, paired with my Xiaomi MI 6 phone. I'm quite tech savvy, but so far I am unable to get any calendar events showing on the watch. Just to be clear, I want to get my calendar events to sync to the NATIVE Samsung calendar app on the watch. I already have the MS outlook widget installed, that's not a solution as it won't show any upcoming events until the event is due to start. 


As mentioned above, I don't have a Samsung phone paired to the watch. Here's what I have tried so far.. 


A) Getting Samsung Calendar onto my Xiaomi Phone: I've tried installing this via an apk onto my phone. Although it installs, the app just won't run, nothing happens when I click on the app, regardless of which version I try - I've tried versions as far back as 2018 with no luck. So it looks like the Samsung Calendar app on my phone is not an option, unless someone has some further info on how to get this working? 


B) I created a new gmail account, for the sole purpose of importing my Outlook calendar into a Google calendar. Once the calendar was imported and visible, I then used a Samsung tablet and logged into it, then added the Google calendar into the Samsung calendar, and I can see the events are visible on the Samsung calendar on the tablet. BUT this has not carried over these events to the watch calendar. Perhaps there is no correlation or syncing between a Samsung calendar on a different device and the Samsung calendar on the watch, which makes me wonder do you have to have a Samsung Calendar on the paired phone to get events to show on the watch? 


Anybody got any other ideas on how to do this ?

Thanks & regards.