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Galaxy watches sleep tracking woes - it's not just deep sleep.

(Topic created on: 23-04-2021 07:14 PM)

We all know about the completely broken deep sleep tracking - posts galore on this problem (but no fix, apparently).

But looking at the other stats shows some weirdness too. 

My stats this morning as displayed on my Active 2:

Headline: 8h 7m

23:04 - 07:25

Hmm, that doesn't tally, but no matter. Let's look at the detailed breakdown:

5h 4m

00:04 - 05:08

3h 3m

04:22 - 07:25

Okay, that adds up to the headline figure... but the periods *overlap*!

Let's look at the summary:

Sleep score 74

Actual sleep time 7h 32m

What? None of these numbers add up!

The total relates to two overlapping periods, which makes no sense. The "actual sleep time" is longer than the time between the start of the first period and the end of the second.

Let's see what the companion app says for the breakdown by sleep type:

Awake 29 minutes 

REM 2 hours 20 minutes

Light 4 hours 18 minutes

Deep 0 minutes 

That adds up to 6 hours 38 minutes of sleep. Which doesn't match what the app thinks is total sleep. 

(And zero deep sleep is obviously nonsense, but we already know this aspect doesn't work.)

What do these sleep figures mean? They appear to be completely random. Nothing corresponds. The headline total is based on overlapping periods, the bottom line total doesn't match the breakdown - what's going on?

Is the whole sleep tracking algorithm completely broken?


Update - it's not a one-off. The whole sleep tracking function is a joke. Today's stats, according to the watch:

Total sleep 7h 48min... which is the sum of two *overlapping* sleep periods (0:06 - 2:57 and 2:24 - 7:21).

And as usual, the "actual sleep time" figure doesn't match the breakdown of different types of sleep. It's all totally random.

How on earth is the watch ending up with overlapping periods of sleep? Apart from the fact this makes the maths nonsensical, it must mean that for a while in the night the watch is recording two sleep periods simultaneously. Why would this even be possible?

Samsung - this really needs to be sorted out. The sleep tracking software is completely broken. 


Watch still giving nonsense stats.

Last night:

Total sleep time 7 hrs

00:04 - 01:37 (1 h 33 m) 

00:47 - 05:26 (4 h 39 m) 

06:28 - 07:16 (48 m)

So total sleep is the sum of these periods... except two of the period are overlapping.

Not only is the maths wrong... why is the watch tracking two separate overlapping periods simultaneously? It makes no sense.

And the breakdown by sleep type:

Actual sleep time 6 hr 26 mins

Awake 31 mins

REM 1 hr 23 mins 

Light 3 hr 37 mins

Deep 29 mins

So the "actual sleep time" doesn't match the breakdown.

The whole thing is nonsense.

When are samsung going to fix this?