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Galaxy Watch5 Pro: charging tips

(Topic created on: 21-08-2022 03:02 PM)
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Hello Community!

Maybe you already have a brand new Galaxy Watch5 Pro at home and you've also discovered that charging on flat chargers won't be easy. The new strap system is to blame, which makes it impossible for the watch to come into close enough contact with the charger.


If, for example, you are at a hotel and you are dealing with charging your mobile phone (and you left the cradle at home), disconnecting the strap may be the solution. The watch itself can be charged.


Just pull the lever at the post and the strap can be easily removed. Both sides need to be disconnected. Yes, this solution is one of the emergency ones, and frequent handling of the strap would probably lead to faster wear of the mechanism.

Remember the orientation so that you don't put the strap on the other way around like I did - the fastening is a bit strange then.


If the use of a flat charger is important to you, you can replace the strap with a completely different one, for example leather. Then charging is problem-free.

When you travel a lot and want to charge your watch from your phone, you can use the wired reverse charging in conjunction with the original cradle. It has a USB-C connector, so just plug it into your mobile phone and the watch will start charging.


The last tip is for people like me who like everything backed up. If you want to have one charging cradle at home and another for traveling, you can buy a cradle for older models: EP-OR825BBEGWW. It works reliably and it can be an advantage that it also has a USB-A connector (be careful, this will make it impossible to use the previous tip). Of course, you can also buy a cradle directly for the Galaxy Watch5 Pro with a USB-C connector.


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My advice comes from being a UK Samsung phone user.

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Ridiculous how Samsung offers a free duo charger with your watch but the watch doesn't even work with it. I switched to Samsung because Apple starting pissing me off, and now Samsung is starting to frustrate me with all these oversights.