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Galaxy watch4 problems with sleep tracking

(Topic created on: 01-04-2022 07:15 AM)
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for 14 days I have not used my Galaxy Watch4, because it had problems with the sleep tracking and synchronisation. Two days ago I restarted using my watch.

Before that 14 days pause I had "only" the following problems

  1.  get the sleep data to my samsung galaxy 10 note light, sometimes it worked sometimes not. But after some tries the sleep tracking data was finally on my smartphone. 
  2. If I remember right I could see the detailed tracking with the deep, light and REM phases after having purchased the watch beginning of this year at the watch itself. Later probably after an update of the watch I could see this only on the smartphone
  3.  After or before sleeping in the night or lying down during day watching some videos, holding my smartphone in the hand the galaxy watch recorded sleeping time so that I had lots of sleeping time without having actually slept (2 to 3 hours plus)! This is astonisching because I was not at all sleeping! And it made the sleeping protocol unusable for me. Especially as I was unable to delete this wrong trackings. That's why I stopped using the watch.  I think this behavior of the watch started only after updating the watch at a certain time.

After the usage pause I now have even more severe problems (for 2 days):

  1. When waking up in the morning the time on the display is round about 1 hour late. However this adjusts after some minutes.
  2. For some time I can see the sleeping overall time which seems to be correct (I didn't watched videos these two last days). However if I want to see my sleep tracking on my smartphone I can't. Moreover the tracking on the watch is also DELETED --h --min. So the synchronisation seems to have deleted my entries on the watch!!!

The watch and the smartphone have the latest updates. 

Could anybody help?

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Mines the same. Sleep tracking is rubbish. Don't use it at night at all now.