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Galaxy Watch4 and feeling unwell

(Topic created on: 31-08-2021 03:36 PM)

This post might sound absolutely crazy but please hear me out!

Firstly, refer to the following Samsung forum post (from the US forums I think) - I would have replied on there but for some reason the reply button is greyed out:


Anyway on Friday I bought a brand new Galaxy Watch4 Classic on the day of release.

I set it up on the Saturday morning and put it on my wrist and then went for a walk. As I was out walking I started to feel what I can only describe as "very weird" - lightheaded, dizzy, palpitations and with an odd sensation in the arm the watch was on. I thought I'd carry on but then it got too much and I had to sit down. I took the watch off and sat for a while and then went home without the watch on. It wasn't an instantaneous change but I started to feel better again.

Then the next day I tried again and it was the same result - feeling very odd with the watch on. I now haven't worn it since and I thought I'd come on here and ask if anyone else has had similar things happen? I know, I also keep thinking "it can't be the watch" but then wondering what else could it be, as I don't have those things happen without it. That's why I also decided to Google it and I see there's quite a bit out there (not just Samsung, but other brands like FitBit etc) of people having similar issues.

As a lot of people mention in the thread I linked to above, they can't actually wear their watch because of it, and I feel the same and I'm pretty gutted about it. I just don't get it.

Juist curious to know if anyone on here has any ideas or anyone else has suffered this, before I think I am losing my mind!


First Poster
I have just found this thread after searching for my symptoms. I got my Galaxy Watch 5 two days ago and had no problems on the first day and night. However, tonight, on my 2nd night of wearing it, I woke up at around 3 am with wrist pain and the feeling of small electrical shocks on my wrist. I took it off for a few minutes and then put it back on, thinking that I imagined the symptoms because I had just woken up in the middle of the night. I lay back down with the watch on, and within a few minutes, I started feeling unwell again, with a racing heart, feeling breathless and like I was going to faint. I took it off again and still have numb hands now, over an hour later. I still feel a bit jittery and keep feeling lightheaded every now and then. I've called 111 and established I'm not having a heart attack, phew! But I will be getting a call from my GP in the morning. This thread describes my symptoms exactly, especially Alex's account, so I am slightly reassured it's not just me! I used to wear a Fitbit with no problems at all, but this was over 6 years ago and so perhaps the technology was different on that.

Hi Judy,

It's interesting how so many people have the same symptoms and sensations from using the Galaxy Watches, yet there is no word from Samsung on this. What you describe sounds exactly how I was feeling when I first started wearing the watch back in late 2021. 

I had been trying to sell the watch for a year and a half on Facebook Market etc, but after geting silly low offers, I decided to try and wear it again at the start of this year. I made sure to turn off the continuous heart rate detection in settings on the watch, and actually, I find I can now wear the watch without problems - although I can't be sure it is because of turning off that setting. One thing I don't do is wear the watch overnight when I sleep in bed, because I always seem to wake up with a really bad headache, so in that sense, it does still cause issues, and annoyingly one of the main reasons I wanted the watch was to track my sleep, but now I just wear it throughout the day most days. I don't seem to have the symptoms I was having a while back when I first tried it. How did your GP appointment go after talking to 111? Be interested to know how others who have had these symptoms are getting on.