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Galaxy Watch3 with Buds Live.

Good day,
Just wondering if any techs on site can assist with this problem.

Galaxy S20 Ultra, Galaxy watch 3 non LTE version paired with the new Samsung Buds Live. All software up to date.

When using Buds and playing from Galaxy S20 Ultra via Spotify no issues at all.  Excellent sound quality and no connection issues at all.

When playing music from watch via Spotify no issue at all when stood still

As soon as I start running the connection becomes unstable and both running coach and Spotify music become intermittent to an extent that it is unusable. As soon as i put my hand over the watch to steady the motion, the connection seems to get slightly better. But its impossible to run not swinging arms.
The watch is fixed firmly round my wrist with silicon strap. I am running on UK country lanes so there is no equipment around to interfere with signal /connection.

S20 Ultra is left at home.
Spotify app is standalone and offline. Playlist is downloaded and saved to watch.

I also have connected both the new Pixel Buds 2 and Apple Powerbeats Pro. Both have connected to GW3 no problem, however the volume on both devices is incredibly low. The volume is low to a point that its almost impossible to hear music over traffic. 

I have checked system settings on all devices and in Spotify app and set volume to max. This has not fixed the volume problem.

I had no issues with my Watch active 1 using Apple Powerbeats Pro with the same set up as described above.
Can any tech bods advise please.


Seems like installing/activating Bixby on GW3 has solved the volume issues with the Pixel Buds and Powerbeats Pro.
I will keep you updated on the Buds intermittent issue.
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I have the same problem

Sorry to hear your having the same issue.
I have been using the new Pixel Buds on my runs along with GW3 utilising Spotify watch app and have had no problem. Volume and next song taps are working fine. Apple Powerbeats were intermittent and I still have the same problem as described above with the new Galaxy Buds which is a shame. As soon as I find a fix I will update.

Facong the same issue


Facing the same issue

I've gone back to using an old iPhone x with Powerbeats Pro for my running as the Spotify app on GW3 has been nothing but trouble. Pixel buds started disconnecting too. Pity as Samsung has so much promise with the new GW3 and buds live.
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I have the Watch3 and Buds Live.  I really wanted to be able to run using just the buds and watch (no phone).  I had a great deal of problems, but I believe I have found a solution.

Problem:  Buds Live constantly cut-out when outdoors.

I speculated that indoors the walls contain and reflect the bluetooth signal from the watch to the buds.  When moving outdoors, there is nothing to contain/reflect the signal and so the dropouts happen frequently.  I was able to test this by walking under trees with low hanging, leafy branches.  Bingo the bluetooth becomes reliable again.  So this explains why going outdoors makes the bluetooth connection less reliable.  But there's more...


I wear my Watch3 on my left wrist.  The default primary Buds Live bud is the right one.   When walking and with my arm swinging normally the buds will constantly cut-out.  I believe this is due to my arm swinging to my waist in which case my entire torso is between the watch and the bud.  Cut-outs galore.  Simply moving my watch to my right wrist eliminates the cut-outs.  A simple solution, no?  But we can do better...

Best Solution:

The Buds Live are really quite advanced and among other features they have the ability use just one bud if necessary.  For example, if the battery dies on one bud you can continue to use the other.  The stream will switch to mono but it's better than nothing.  The whole point is that both buds can apparently act as master.  So, I figured it might be worth testing whether I could force the left ear-bud to be the master.  It turns out you can make the left ear-bud the master as follows (not an official Samsung procedure)...


  • Put the buds in the case for a moment to allow them to power down.
  • Open the case and put the left bud in your ear.
  • Start your music source.  Note:  At this point the right bud is still in the case, and not connected to bluetooth.
  • Now you should have music playing in your left ear.  Next, remove the right bud and put it in your right ear.
  • Bingo!  The watch is on my left wrist (where I prefer it) and the cut-outs are gone!

Now, I'll admit there is something here I don't completely understand.  Normally, a master-slave configuration on the buds has one bud always dominant and the other bud receives a rebroadcast bluetooth signal from the first bud.  For buds that can play independently they can both act as primary and receive the bluetooth signal from the source.  These Samsung buds seem to have one bud broadcast to the other, but either the left or right can do so.  Think about it.  If the right bud were still receiving the signal from the watch, it would continue to cutout when the watch is on my left wrist.  But when I follow the procedure above, the left bud becomes master and appears to broadcast to the right bud.  Like most master-slave buds, they have no problem communicating with each other, even though our head is in the way.  The distance between my ears and the signal blocking is much less than from my ear through my torso to my waist.


Samsung - we are so close to a perfect set of buds.  For those of us who have bought into your ecosystem (for me S20+ 5G, Watch3 and Buds Live), please take the extra step to allow the Wear app to default the left bud to the master.  It would be so much more convenient.  The buds apparently have the capability to do this.  When I follow the annoying procedure above, the Watch3 and Buds Live  live up to your promises.  Sadly for you and me I returned two pairs of Buds as defective before I figured out the procedure described above.  You could do us and you a big favor if you just made an option for people who wear their watch on their left arm.

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