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Galaxy Watch Voice Memo notifications on phone disappear


I've been using the voice memo feature on my galaxy watch. The idea being I record a quick memo on it "remember to do this or that when you get home" and I see that I've got a notification on my phone that there's a new audio file there. So the whole mechanism seems to be working properly.


But ... the notifications on the phone seem to disappear for no apparent reason. I'll see on my S8's lock screen (without unlocking it) that the notification is there, but then later when I turn the phone on it's not there anymore. I actually caught one of these notifications automatically disappearing in the act. I had my phone next to my computer keyboard on the lock screen and could see the notification, I wasn't even touching the phone - I was typing on my computer and I saw the notification disappear.


So the whole point of these memos ... to remind myself of something when I later access my phone ... isn't working, because by the time I use the phone the notification (reminder) has already disappeared. So I'm relying on my memory that somewhere or other there's an audio file waiting to be listened to.

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Hi, the message does not disapear. It is still on Your phone, You just have to find it. I did some research and all the memos are saved in txt and m4a files.

On my phone there are in /storage/emulated/0/Sounds/Gear    folder.





Bojan, Slovenia

Thanks for the reply, but I also found the messages in that location. My complaint is that the 'notification' disappears without being looked at or dismissed. Notifications shouldn't do that. Plus, if on the rare occasion you do get to the notification before disappearing, opening it doesn't take you to your voice memos. Instead, nothing happens. Instead you have to go looking for where they live. That's not how Android experiences are.

Hi there again.


I have Galaxy S7 and my notification doesnt disapear. Not until I click on it. I made a voice memo at 7:04 AM and because I didnt checked it on my phone it is still there... (see the photo).



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