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Galaxy Watch shows calls as missed when I answer on my Note 8...

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So this past week this annoying error has poped up. When I receive and answer a call on my Note 8, my Galaxy watch will show it as a missed call. Has anyone else had this issue? It's so frustrating because I'll check my watch and have numerous "missed" calls when none were missed. I've tried restarting the watch but the issue returned after a few hours.


Slightly off topic, do all 4G LTE versions of the watch also receive their own phone number? I can't recall where, but I saw where my watch has it's own number that has a completely different area code. I tried calling the number and sure enough my watch rang and my phone didn't. The watch rings when my phone is called as it should, just didn't know if this was normal to have 2 numbers. 

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Omg!!! Same issue!! Did you get a fix


It's been a while, but I believe I eventually factory reset the watch, then updated the software again, then it went away. Annoying but worth it. Try this and let me know if it works. If not, I'll try and dig further to see if I changed any settings. I don't believe I did though.. 

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