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Galaxy Watch - screen wake up/turn off behaviour is irritating


I got my Galaxy Watch on Friday and for the most part I love it. However, a couple of things really bug me about a) the consistency of the wake up gesture and b) its tendency to turn the screen off much more quickly than it should.


So for a) - sometimes I just find that the wake up gesture doesn't work at all and I have to put my arm down and then back up again until it works. This feature is one of the most fundamental aspects of a smart watch that needs to work. It is especially noticable if I'm lying down but occasionally causes issues when sitting or standing. I think it's something your engineers really need to look at as, after a quick Google, I've seen many people complain about it on the Gear S3. I hope this is looked into as the fact it was an issue back then but still hasn't been fixed is a bit of a bad sign to me...


For b) I have 2 main issues. 1 is that the screen timeout setting only applies if the watch was woken up by the buttons and not by the wake up gesture. I think it's fine to have a different screen timeout if it was woken by gesture, but it should really be a configurable option.


The other annoyance is that the screen turns off when you tilt the watch back down. I think this is OK if you've woken the watch up with a gesture but it should be possible to disable this if the watch has been woken up by buttons or the dial. 

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Just glad I'm not one-armed!

These issues are not difficult to fix. They're either choosing not to, or they don't read any feedback at all and don't even know of our disappointment. Both are equally likely.


Frankly, it's poor software engineering. As one myself, I've been in those design meetings where a particular choice is made ... "what shall we do if this happens?" and a decision is made about what is the most desirable outcome, and that is then built into the logic. But usually someone wil ask "but what if someone wants to make the choice to do the opposite?" and if everyone agrees that it's a perfectly reasonable thing to want to do, then it'll become a configuration option in a menu somewhere. At this point the UI representative will point out that the menus are getting too complicated and it'll put people off and that's where you make the choice to have advanced menus (see Chrome and Firefox for examples of this). When you go into normal settings you see the simple main menus, but for those of us who want more granularity than that (you're one of them if you're reading this) then there are deeper dive menus.


In the case of a Smartwatch, it's reasonable to keep the advanced menus to being on the smartphone only, and (like on the Tesla) you might be warned of the dangers of going into advanced modes and get a "I want my Mommy" exit route.


All it takes is warning messages like "this could lead to overheating and not be covered by your guarantee" or "this might lead to excessive battery usage" and a quick message ping back to the guarantee servers saying this has happened for this serial number and they're covered. When looking into the battery usage screens they can add a note there "battery usage heavy because YOU chose to do this or that".


I've often programmed in switches in software I've produced that I personally can't imagine why somebody might want to choose it (because I wouldn't want to) and have been later rewarded upon discovering that it was a fairly popular option. It costs little in effort.


It can't be a surprise to Samsung that people will want to keep it properly always-on, or will want to have some control over the gestures (they could have had a 'learn mode' where you make the gesture(s) you want to make to wake it up and put it back to sleep and it remembers them).


They could also offer an option on every screen to only show it a short time, only show it once each time it enters that state, or never ever show it. I'm talking about the "you have no notifications" screen here of course. IT TELLS ME NOTHING USEFUL, STOP SHOWING ME IT.


Personally, I've already had at least 5 people ask me if I'd recommend this smartwatch and I've said no, because of the lack of control you have over all of the above points and worse than that, Samsung are (apparently) not interested in changing any of it.


I'd have given up on this thing if it wasn't for the fact that I make use of the two-factor-authentication abilities of it (for approving computer logins without opening up my phone), and the notifications (but I often have to take on-watch screenshots of notifications, they have a habit of not being retrievable later when you need them but the screenshot is), and the timers and alarms, and the heart bpm and steps is useful too. I certainly don't think that any of the other smartwatches are better though, and that's sad.

Just glad I'm not one-armed!
Here's my fix....I've managed to find workout detection and turned it off.
Screen now stays on and gets bright with a flick of the wrist.

For me it is the same.. i have bought this samsung galaxy watch within black friday discount last sunday and this week i will give it back by travelling 1 hour to leicester samsung experience center because wake up gesture is not working ! This is sold as clock and you cant see your clock with an automated way! I think this clock a biggest disaster of Samsung electronics


Yep mines packet up to be sent back to ee, i found it wont update it self when its on its own away from my s9, and mines the lte version, no emails. The HR is now on all the time and thats after a reset, it now has a error message that it cant read your heart rate, it dont vibrate on vibrate only when swimming a 100 mtr if set, only vibrate if sound and vib is on. The screen wake up never works its more off than on. This watch is a piece of ***** done quick to get the xmas market, ive spent money on apps and watch faces that now im not going to use. This is the worse hardware money can buy. I think samsung will do a another watch in the new year with everything addressed, up till then they can have that ***** back its no good to anybody. 


Does the galaxy watch ever stay on? I just bought it and it goes black.  It doesn't stay on.  About to return it.  Even when I tap it doesn't wake up.  I have to turn the bezel.  Faulty product or it just doesn't have that option?


The wake gesture works OK for me except that's not what I want! I found a sharp looking watch face that I like and want to show on the watch. 


Thanks. That did the trick!

I've inky had mine for a few days. I found the screen kept timing out during use of apps. Can't find a way to change it as it's already set at 1 minute. I think it's when it's woken with gesture or bezel. 

You can turn the 'always on' on. I just have with mine. The watch face is always lit up. I'm onkingthw standard face though. 

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I have just moved from Apple after over a decade, and love the Samsung watch.. however I am here looking for an swers to the very aggravating issue of the wrist action wake up timing out after 6 seconds which is utter pants !!..


Surely this is a quick software fix for Samsung!?

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