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Galaxy watch rash


Rash on part of my wrist from wearing the new 2018 46mm watchRash on part of my wrist from wearing the new 2018 46mm watch

I received my pre ordered Samsung Gear 46mm 2018 watch on September 7th 2018 and have been wearing it often. Remove it for showering and charging and sometimes I sleep with it.


Recently iv noticed this rash developing and it slightly irritates me. The rash area is sore red and it looks like the skin is stretched or burnt. Th picture does bit show as clear as seen in person.


Iv done some googling and found a few people complain about similar rash on the older gear watches. They state it could be the strap and say to try it on the other hand to see if you have an allergic reaction etc.


I have a bit of an issue with this, I am a contractor and work with my hands, if this causes something more serious or stops me from doing my work it would be financially un-beneficial for me.


I have been tested befoe for allergies and my results came back clear so I dont know exactly what going on. 


If anybody from Samsung or otherwise can provide some insight into my situation please let me know asap. It's a bit annoying paying 300 quid for a watch that's going to give me a rash



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I have the same problem and because I have dark skin the burns around my wrist look really bad. With so many people complaing about this perhaps contacting watchdog may be better
I have this same issue and the rash is very bad. I have no allergies. I'm pretty annoyed that this has happened too, considering the watch is quite expensive. What can I do to stop this happening?

I have the exact rash, did you ever find a resolution?


Yes, I got rid of the band, and replaced it with a 2-pack I found on Amazon, and haven't had any rash whatsoever. Samsung will not replace the band, or do anything to help. 15870912673094748225901038646286.jpg





I ended up replacing the band.


Unfortunately, no. I've just been trying to dry it after getting it wet & not wearing it so much. Not wearing it so much has made the red appear less, but my skin there is still dry.

I think only replacing the band with one that is not latex will be your permanent solution. Too bad to not wear such a cool and useful watch.

It's the watch face as well as the band that's causing the rash for me so sadly replacing the band won't work 

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I have experienced the same rash issue. It has left me using the watch for primarily a sleep monitor. I have had countless Timex Ironman, Casio G-Shock and other "active" watches with what I would characterize as rubber or plastic watch bands. I could wear those 24/7 for months at a time without any rash. I still wear a couple of them to see if I've developed any skin sensitivity but have no rash with these other watches. What materials are in the watch strap that comes standard with the Gear S3 Frontier? Does it contain any latex or silicone? Thanks!


Same here. It's the watch face for me. I haven't worn my watch for 2 full days and this is how the spot looks. It reminds me of a flat scar where the skin is shinier and darker. In the photo it has a red tint, but in person it's a darker tint of my skin tone. It's as if my skin was literally burned. I did not have any rash from my previous smart watch, which was a generic one from Amazon. I love my Active2, but this is concerning. After not wearing for 2 full daysAfter not wearing for 2 full days


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