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Galaxy watch rash


Rash on part of my wrist from wearing the new 2018 46mm watchRash on part of my wrist from wearing the new 2018 46mm watch

I received my pre ordered Samsung Gear 46mm 2018 watch on September 7th 2018 and have been wearing it often. Remove it for showering and charging and sometimes I sleep with it.


Recently iv noticed this rash developing and it slightly irritates me. The rash area is sore red and it looks like the skin is stretched or burnt. Th picture does bit show as clear as seen in person.


Iv done some googling and found a few people complain about similar rash on the older gear watches. They state it could be the strap and say to try it on the other hand to see if you have an allergic reaction etc.


I have a bit of an issue with this, I am a contractor and work with my hands, if this causes something more serious or stops me from doing my work it would be financially un-beneficial for me.


I have been tested befoe for allergies and my results came back clear so I dont know exactly what going on. 


If anybody from Samsung or otherwise can provide some insight into my situation please let me know asap. It's a bit annoying paying 300 quid for a watch that's going to give me a rash



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This is the same for me.
Surely there has to be something wrong if there are so many of us with the same irritation.

@ACollins wrote:

Left wrist watch strap irritation.Left wrist watch strap irritation.


I've had exactly the same. Quite concerning. This is my left wrist. Been wearing the watch since release day and the past week or so I've developed this irritation. I take the watch off at night but wearing it during the day. For those who posted previously any response or luck in minimising or stopping this?

My wrist has almost healed, but that is only after not wearing the watch at all for the past 11 days. I had an email from Samsung on Thursday last week asking for my watch model and serial number but haven’t heard anything else.


Absolutely rediculous. A £300 watch that I cannot wear without damaging my wrists. Crazy! 


And I am horrified that Samsung can treat its loyal customers with such utter contempt.


Alas, having asked for my watch model and serial number over 10 days ago, Samsung are now ignoring me.


Not good!


I called Samsung Support and they are sending me a leather strap for free but it'll be 4-6 weeks... I had to buy another band on amazon to be able to keep wearing the watch since it was getting too bad with the stock strap to even wear anymore.


I think they need to at least setup a program to make it easier to exchange the straps and to recall the problem straps as it's quite obvious something is wrong across the board here and it's not just some extra sensitive people complaining.


I’ve found the easiest way to make sure none of these reactions occur is to toss the stock band it’s really a piece of *****. I replaced mine with a cloth one with Velcro straps on amazon. The contact point of the sensors also has a stainless steel ring that might be causing a reaction with people. I’ve had nickel allergies my whole life so I just covered the sensor with a clear adhesive strip and I get no reaction at all. 


I'm sitting on the phone and on live chat to Samsung customer support now. The guy on the phone basically told me that it's my problem and to go and see my doctor. I'm waiting to speak to the complaints resolution team or something.


This customer service is shocking. I regret buying this watch now to be honest.


Yep. Exactly the same feeling here.


On a sidenote, I was considering a new TV on black friday. I can tell you, I was tempted, but I refrained from buying a samsung tv. Considering my fridge, old tv, 3 ssd's, a spin disk and my printer are all made by S - their support totally alienated me from them as a customer. I've enjoyed their products, but seriously, if they can't fix things when things need fixin', and on a NEW product no less, I'll let my wallet do the talking.


Finished my conversation with the complaints by telling them I'll never buy another Samsung product again and any of their competitors would fix this issue. The straps must cost them about a pound. 

He told me that my complaint would be recorded so I told him to right it on a post-it note and stick it to the CEOs forehead


I'm done with Samsung and their god awful customer support. 


Maybe I'll sell my watch 🤔

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