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Galaxy watch rash


Rash on part of my wrist from wearing the new 2018 46mm watchRash on part of my wrist from wearing the new 2018 46mm watch

I received my pre ordered Samsung Gear 46mm 2018 watch on September 7th 2018 and have been wearing it often. Remove it for showering and charging and sometimes I sleep with it.


Recently iv noticed this rash developing and it slightly irritates me. The rash area is sore red and it looks like the skin is stretched or burnt. Th picture does bit show as clear as seen in person.


Iv done some googling and found a few people complain about similar rash on the older gear watches. They state it could be the strap and say to try it on the other hand to see if you have an allergic reaction etc.


I have a bit of an issue with this, I am a contractor and work with my hands, if this causes something more serious or stops me from doing my work it would be financially un-beneficial for me.


I have been tested befoe for allergies and my results came back clear so I dont know exactly what going on. 


If anybody from Samsung or otherwise can provide some insight into my situation please let me know asap. It's a bit annoying paying 300 quid for a watch that's going to give me a rash



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Hey @Roro87


Can you send myself or the other Mods a private message? We'd like to take down some details so that we can look into this for you. 



My other half also has a rash from classic gear 3 the rash is from wear the watch back sits on his arm


I'm experiencing exactly the same thing. I also have the 46mm bluetooth version.  I've had my watch less than a week and I already have a small rash on my wrist in exactly the position of the watch. 

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I have this problem with gear S3 Frotier, untill change watchband on stainless steel 316. I try in the beginning with leather watchband, and than buy stanless steel. And red circle begin under watch, than under watchband, and, than I'm going without it in 2 weeks, after heal skin try, wirtting early, methon, and it's help.


Sorry for English. With many pleasure Mikhail


I have the exact same watch and a similar problem, but my rash is on the inside of my wrist, right where the plastic loop is in the strongest contact with my skin.  I am using the rubbery strap that came with the watch. I am a bit sensitive to latex bandaids. Is it possible there is latex in the strap? Other plastic sports watch bands have never given me a problem.



Mine was directly under the watch. I don't know if it's caused by the straps, the sensor or maybe the battery got hot after charging and burnt my skin when I put it on.


Iv contacted Samsung and they opened a case apparently but nobody has contacted me or anything...

Hi @Roro87. We are still looking into this and will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Hi @BenBriggs. We will look into this also. In the meantime, we recommend seeking medical advise. 

I got my Galaxy Watch LTE 46mm 2 weeks ago, and today I have a rash around my wrist like a copy of the watch outline.

It is especially bad under the watch, and on both left and right side, but noticeable also on the rest. 

I've used diver watches before, without any problems, and use stainless steel watches daily for 30years without any issues, and I don't have any contact allergies that I know of. 

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