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Galaxy Watch Rapid Battery Drain


After updating my Galaxy Watch 46mm two days ago my battery is draining rapidly. Less than 8 hours to go flat.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Before the update I was on a great 4 to 5 days before needing a charge.

Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.

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Yeah Sorry Lisa, I meant Amber's post about it lasting an hour.


If Amber's watch is lastng only 1 hour, or even like 12 hours. Then it's a faulty watch. And should be sent back under warranty or repair.


As for the 4G version of the watch, I know some people who have the 4G and are fine. I only have the bluetooth version and can only speak for that.


But yes, people seem to have varying issues and it can either be software or firmware issues, connection strength or simpy a faulty watch.


The battery on my watch has been progressively been getting worse since June of last year. I got this watch back in November of 2018. Today I noticed my watch shut off in the afternoon. I charged it and the watch overheats and switches over to airplane mode every time it overheats. My watch only lasted 3 hours after the charge. Samsung, wtf! $400 watch for this to happen in less than 2 years. I regret buying it now. Never going to buy another smart watch again!

My battery no longer last's a full day now. used to get atleast 2 days.  Appeared after the Bixby update. 


I'm having same problem. Battery completely draining in 6 hours after it used to last for days. Did you get it fixed? 

No never resolved - bought an "amazfit" watch which is still giving long battery life

I solved it by placing the watch on the charge dock while putting it in Flight Mode

Leave it until fully charged.

I also disable Bluetooth Audio and have only Bluetooth LE for notifications active

.....and almost no activity trackers (walking and bicycle only)

my watch is doing exactly the same, used to get 2 days worth out of the watch and now am getting 10 hours worth. I've disabled everything. This watch is my lifeline as I'm disabled and often fall, I needed something reliable to be able to get help when I need it. Unfortunately I don't have that in my watch anymore. I have no idea what else to do with it

As far as I can tell the only way its gonna get fixed is if they (samsung) acknowledges a problem and does another update. If you have all noticed as long as you are Bluetooth to your phone the battery lasts a lot longer but that is not the purpose why I bought my watch. Samsung please fix this issue!

I unfortunately did not pay $500 for a watch that I have to turn all functionalities off to keep the battery charged 😑 

there is no real fix. Its something samsung has to figure out and update from what I can tell.. i am so sorry you ate having this issue too. 

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