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Galaxy Watch Rapid Battery Drain


I had it replace.  This is a new watch and as I have been saying If I do not have it Bluetoothed to my phn I lost charge rapidly.  I have noticed when these watches are on standalone you lose charge fast. I bought it to leave my phone behind 😒

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Yeah Sorry Lisa, I meant Amber's post about it lasting an hour.


If Amber's watch is lastng only 1 hour, or even like 12 hours. Then it's a faulty watch. And should be sent back under warranty or repair.


As for the 4G version of the watch, I know some people who have the 4G and are fine. I only have the bluetooth version and can only speak for that.


But yes, people seem to have varying issues and it can either be software or firmware issues, connection strength or simpy a faulty watch.


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The battery on my watch has been progressively been getting worse since June of last year. I got this watch back in November of 2018. Today I noticed my watch shut off in the afternoon. I charged it and the watch overheats and switches over to airplane mode every time it overheats. My watch only lasted 3 hours after the charge. Samsung, wtf! $400 watch for this to happen in less than 2 years. I regret buying it now. Never going to buy another smart watch again!

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