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Galaxy Watch Rapid Battery Drain


After updating my Galaxy Watch 46mm two days ago my battery is draining rapidly. Less than 8 hours to go flat.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Before the update I was on a great 4 to 5 days before needing a charge.

Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.

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It still has not yet been fixed. I went so far as getting my watch replaced, (it was under 28 days old) and it was working away fine with 2 days between charges, until an update was installed and boom - back to being *****. Need to charge every night, or ibstagger it to charge while I'm at the desk so it has higher power at evenings so will work for my runs etc.

Waiting for the next update to undo the mess the last one made.

Definetly turing me off upgrading in the future. My previous Fitbit was old but I got about 5 days out of it.


Sorry Samsung but this situation stinks!! My 46mm Galaxy Watch used to last 5 days on a full battery (almost no activity trackers activated) but since the last FW update it hardly lasts 48 hours. My watch was also returned for warranty and they replaced the motherboard, battery and back case but this has made no difference. Last night while I was asleep, the battery went from 40% to almost 0% (8 hours sleep, watch on the nightstand, no activity at all for the watch)


Your software is lousy and I already requested several times: let me reinstall the previous version. But Samsung does not want to listen. How can we make a fist so that they will listen??




OK, seems I managed to partially solve the issue for me personally. I turned off all activities etc on the watch, also disabled bluetooth (WiFi was already off). After that I restarted the watch and turned on bluetooth and the step/walk activity (thats all I need for now). This morning after a night on the charger the watch was at 100% and now 6 hours later it is at 89% - still comes to 40% per day = 2.5 days of using without charging.

Still only half of what I had but at least it is getting better.



Similar problem here.

Rapid battery drain since about end of January. Even when in flightmode


Same here .. after january ... I can not go past 2 days .. I bought the watch at its start and I was having 5 days all the time


Quite strange.


Did another reset.

Did NOT restore from backup.

Did NOT install any of the APP updates from the store.


And battery life is GREAT.


I wonder if the drain comes from the restore, or updates of the apps built in (Music, Boxby, Alarm)


BTW - interesting that the BIXNY update is dated 23 January 2020 - might be that one that creates the drain.


Anyone trying to chase that road?

Had a 45 minutes WhatsApp session with Samsung support.

According to the engineer Samsung has recognized the problem and is busy working on a solution.


Firmware rollback is not possible! Wait for a new version...... (hopefully anytime soon)


Fingers crossed


Thank you very much for chasing it home.


Thak you VERY much.


I wonder if the problem is on the watch - or has to do with server side software (e.g. watch polling excessively to server)?


Any ideas?

Noticed that the drain is quite steady over time, so it seems to me its a watch related issue
It's a pity there is no battery monitor available for the watch
(Told Samsung they should check the firmware for malware..... - Bixby :winking-face: )

Good and interesting point with malware

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