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Galaxy Watch not measuring Heart rate


I have the new Galaxy watch, received on 7th September and after 1 recorded exercise the heart rate monitor is flatlining after 10 minutes. 


First walk

Screenshot_20180913-113612_Samsung Health.jpg



First run below


Screenshot_20180913-113603_Samsung Health.jpg

 Second recorded walk

Screenshot_20180913-113553_Samsung Health.jpg



I am annoyed as I want to keep track of my heart rate during exercise. I also wonder if this effects the calories burned if it cannot record the heart rate correctly. 


This appears to be a common theme for Samsung watches as my husbands S3 did the same, purchased Sept 2017, at the beginning of the year. 

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Same problem here in France with my Galaxy watch. I'd like to add it was exactly the same with my previous (and stolen) Galaxy Sport and the same with my Gear S3 .. so sounds like a known and steady issue.

Works perfect in normal life but as soon as you want to use HR tracking during sport activities , no luck.

I've yet to try to wear it in reverse but I pretty much gave up on this and using a different brand for real sport tracking.


DO we know if Samsung is aware and working on this ?

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Even after so many software updates...this problem has yet not been solved. My newly bought galaxy watch as well stops heart tracking ocassionally. Samsung needs to level up!!


There is a new software update just out which it seems should address this. We'll see...

"Samsung also promises improved reliability of the heart rate sensor with this update" according to





Has anyone updated it? It has not been launched in India for Galaxy watch. Hope it to solve the issue.


It hasn't been lunched in Australia either but I will be very surprised if the problem with the heart rate monitor will be completely fixed.


Yes, this software version I have. But I don’t se any change.


Does anyone know if this software will be released on model SM-R800?


I got it.





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