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Galaxy Watch not measuring Heart rate


I have the new Galaxy watch, received on 7th September and after 1 recorded exercise the heart rate monitor is flatlining after 10 minutes. 


First walk

Screenshot_20180913-113612_Samsung Health.jpg



First run below


Screenshot_20180913-113603_Samsung Health.jpg

 Second recorded walk

Screenshot_20180913-113553_Samsung Health.jpg



I am annoyed as I want to keep track of my heart rate during exercise. I also wonder if this effects the calories burned if it cannot record the heart rate correctly. 


This appears to be a common theme for Samsung watches as my husbands S3 did the same, purchased Sept 2017, at the beginning of the year. 

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Hi Lisa  when I check back to watchface I always be sure to tap the HR icon to open the hear rate app, just to check like you said, it's not usualy stuck but can be sometimes I agree.


That said it still doesn't explain why UA Record works perfectly with high intensity training? Maybe it's estimating based on activity but HR and calories burnt seem much more in line with Fitbit manual checks on Galaxy S8 sensors.


It is what it is I guess, if Gear Tracker can full the gap great, if not I'll just use until they fix, Google step into the market or Fitbit design a nice looking tracker 😀


Tested so many apps that you suggested and none of them can fix this, because when I swing my arms the watch instantly loses HR readings, the app sens it and try to restart the sensor, but this can happen so many times in a single walk. The last walk was HR(16) 16 times restarting the HR sensor until it flats out. I can't believe that this is a software issue. 



I just got my 46mm LTE + Bluetooth version back from repair, they replaced the HR sensor and something else that could have to do with the problem.

Guess what, does it work? Hell no! Same *****....



Same here, had it repaired. Was told the whole mother board was replaced and no difference here either. Samsung now want me to send it back for a software re install. Don't know weather it will make any difference. Disappointing.


Hope this doesnt come across as negative, its not meant to to be but continually sending it back for repair isnt going to fix anything, regardless of what the people on the end of the phone suggest.


I have had 3 new watches all from different batches starting from release day to now. The problem that existed then is still the problem now despite the 3 or 4 updates we have had.


I resigned myself to the fact its simply not a fitness tracker but is a very nice looking smart watch, until Samsung sort S Health out its never going to fulfil its promise unfortunately. My main reason for having it is to track fitness so just biding my time to see what comes first, Samsung allow us to bypass Health with 3rd party fitness tracking or Google step into this market with a tracker that does the job :face-with-rolling-eyes:


I don't find that negative at all. I agree totally. As a smart watch its beautiful but as a fitness tracker its awful. I have a 3rd party chest strap that I can use for accurate heart rate data and it links up to the S Health app so that will have to be my workaround for now and I continue to hope that an update will eventually fix this issue.


Its good you have a way around the issue @Rach77 , shouldnt have to but it is what it is I suppose.


Reading last night about the new Galaxy Active Watch it says "revamped health-tracking platform", interesting and maybe suggests they have given up with S Health on that watch at least, confusing though as to why the software issue is 'unfixable'.


Ill be a little bit annoyed if they realease a working fitness platform 6 months after they rinsed me of £300 for a non working fitness platform. time will tell :smiling-face:


Again I agree. If however there is a revamped platform, maybe it will trickle down to the Galaxt Watch. Still really annoying to release another watch which may actually work while the Galaxy watch still has so many unfixed issues.


Hey, @Bernardo5. Did you find a solution to your problem? The same happens with my watch (42mm). It works nicely and suddenly all the sensors just stop working. I get them to work again eventually by factory resetting the watch, sometimes more than once, but they stop working after a couple of hours.


I thought the new firmware version would solve the problem, but it didn't happen.



I think that after last update where the log says "Improved reliability of heart rate monitoring sensor" it's even worse. And HR is far from being the only issue this watch has, but its most disturbing. It's true that as a fitness watch it is useless so if you need fitness watch don't even think of buying it because it's not capable of doing basic things like reading heart rate. For a long time this issue was ignored from Samsung and now that fix finally came out through the update they made it worse. The only thing that was improved is battery life.

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