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Galaxy Watch not measuring Heart rate


I have the new Galaxy watch, received on 7th September and after 1 recorded exercise the heart rate monitor is flatlining after 10 minutes. 


First walk

Screenshot_20180913-113612_Samsung Health.jpg



First run below


Screenshot_20180913-113603_Samsung Health.jpg

 Second recorded walk

Screenshot_20180913-113553_Samsung Health.jpg



I am annoyed as I want to keep track of my heart rate during exercise. I also wonder if this effects the calories burned if it cannot record the heart rate correctly. 


This appears to be a common theme for Samsung watches as my husbands S3 did the same, purchased Sept 2017, at the beginning of the year. 

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I have to say I'm seeing a huge improvement with this latest update. Before I couldn't contemplate wearing it whilst exercising and always wore my S3 but now I don't need to. Don't get me wrong I still have the occasional drop out. Yesterday it stopped for 40 minutes until I noticed it had and restarted the watch but that is rare now and few and far between. Here is a screenshot from my walk today. This is possibly the only difference between you guys and me. I can't run anymore as I have bad knees so power walk and use the elliptical. I still get my heart rate up to the late 160's constantly. Screenshot_20190210-180425_Samsung Health.jpg



Imho is worst than before



Screenshot_20190211-075924_Samsung Health.jpg

Even that I'm happy that during workout works smooth



I've found that it simply freeze for good minutes without any reasons. If set to manually read show error. After minutes automatically start working back

I'm back to give an update after Samsung took my Galaxy Watch for repair.

So I'm sad to say that the replacement of the main circuit board has made zero difference to my watch. I spoke to Samsung today and although the customer service department were helpful, I was advised that another repair would need to be done. I asked why as the whole insides have been replaced and I was told that it might be that a complete clearing of the software would work. Any software people out there think this would help? I'm not sure myself. I'm beginning to think that its a hardware issue.


@Rach77 I'm on my 3rd watch since Sept 7th, it's not hardware I'm 99% sure.


Quick test for you, download UA Record on the watch, do a work out and check your HR reading in that app.


I did 4 circuit workouts and every one was bang on with UA Record.


If not use a watchface with HR display and flick back to it during a workout when s health flatlines, it reads correctly.


The problem is S  Health, sending it back for repair in my humble opinion is not going to help..




Anyone who knows if we will get this update in Sweden? I have talked to Samsung in Sweden but they are very rude and are just saying "if you haven't received an update or the HR problem are still there, send it to service" 😠


Thanks for your reply, I'll do that, ill do my kettlebell workout using UA record and ill post tomorrow after I've done it. 

I really hope that Samsung sort out S Health soon. Thanks again.


@Rach77 -  Good luck, I use the included Analogue Utility watch face with HR displayed to check against S Health, many times when S Health HR is blank HR on the face is +135.


On Friday I tested with HIIT workouts (lots of Burpess, mountain climbers, press ups etc) and didnt track a single beat in 30 minutes. Changed HR to manual and back to auto then moved onto deadlifts, kettlebells etc and it started tracking better, not brilliant but better. 


Identical workout with UA Record yesterday and tracked almost everything perfectly, kept checking back to watchface and they were identical readings. I may be wrong but this tells me the sensors on the watch are all good, UA Record app is all good and Samsung Health is failing.

Maybe its the high bpm that HIIT causes, Im not sure but it definately seems worse on HIIT workouts for me.

Apparently Gear Tracker have a release anytime now that includes gym workouts, soon as its live Im going to grab a copy and see how it goes. UA record is good but it nails the battery life on the Watch so after your tests you may want to uninstall?

On a final note Im not putting too much reliance on Samsung fixing this anytime soon, Ive been pestering them for 6 months now without any improvement (for me anyway), they have a new Galaxy Active watch coming in the next month so doubt they are focusing on this anymore  - @AntS happy to be proved wrong :winking-face:


Has anyone tried Strava or endomondo app ? Does that help?


Still there is no news on update release in India. I called up Samsung team and they asked me to wait for some time. But no commitment on timeline 😞

Bear in mind Gary that a watch face will always display the last known heart rate figure. It will never be blank, so if it recorded 135 an hour ago but the heart rate widget has been showing 'measuring' for an hour any watch face that displays heart rate data will show the last available being say 135bpm. Don't get me wrong, i still have issues. Yesterday I noticed my heart rate on my watch face hadn't changed for some time and looked and it had been measuring for 15 minutes. Turned to manual and it still wouldn't work, so powered off and on again and all good. It's still not prefect for me but far far better than before, but then I don't do high impact. Have noticed though that when I'm doing anything with a lot of arm movements, shaking the rug, vigorously wiping shower screen etc then it struggles a bit.
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