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Galaxy Watch not measuring Heart rate


I have the new Galaxy watch, received on 7th September and after 1 recorded exercise the heart rate monitor is flatlining after 10 minutes. 


First walk

Screenshot_20180913-113612_Samsung Health.jpg



First run below


Screenshot_20180913-113603_Samsung Health.jpg

 Second recorded walk

Screenshot_20180913-113553_Samsung Health.jpg



I am annoyed as I want to keep track of my heart rate during exercise. I also wonder if this effects the calories burned if it cannot record the heart rate correctly. 


This appears to be a common theme for Samsung watches as my husbands S3 did the same, purchased Sept 2017, at the beginning of the year. 

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Try "gear tracker". It works. here's no advertisement. Here is the only solution so far. Until Samsung takes action
I've downloaded gear tracker so will give it a try. Does it show calories burned?

Disappointing that Samsung's own app doest work, calorie expenditure will be hard to track now using a different app.

Wrist based tracking is dodgy - it is best not to rely on it for accurate measurement during exercise

I think the best way to solve this is for Samsung to allow connection to a chest based heart rate monitor- I cannot understand why they don't 

I agree, would solve all problems.

There is a new version of Gear Tracker coming in the next few days (its in validation whatever that is) with workout and weights included in addition to running, treadmill etc. Not sure if it will record calories as I have never used but promising news, the author told me to sync data to S Health you need to go via Strava, again not used so no ide ahow helpful thta will be :smiling-face:


Although it is really better during workout, I still find the last HR read 10-15 minutes ago while it is always on.

Check the readings todaySmartSelect_20190209-205301_Samsung Health.jpg


SmartSelect_20190209-205252_Samsung Health.jpg


SmartSelect_20190209-205309_Samsung Health.jpg


SmartSelect_20190209-205236_Samsung Health.jpg



During workout everything went smooth as in screenshotSmartSelect_20190210-141519_Samsung Health.jpg


However after ending the workout it freezed

SmartSelect_20190210-141612_Samsung Health.jpg


SmartSelect_20190210-141545_Samsung Health.jpg




Latest read with always on HR 43 minutes ago20190210_141221.jpg



Once again incorrect values

Set to manually and relieved error Cannot read HR try later.


Only got it fixed with a restart.


Really disappointed even with the latest update still not fixed

SmartSelect_20190210-172149_Samsung Health.jpg





I can honestly say for me the latest update has actually made things worse, if that's possible.


The last 4 workouts (circuit training or other workout), it doesn't track HR at all, if I flick back to watchface during workout I can see HR is stuck from let's say 6 minutes ago..


Only way to get it working is to manually measure HR once, set it back to auto and it then tracks for a little bit before stopping again. AT this point I need to do it all again to start HR tracking.


Really is very poor, Samsung need to employ some devs with proven experience in this field and software testers who actually test releases or even ask members here for technical feedback before release.


Cannot actually believe they are about to release another Watch with same software 🤣

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