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Galaxy watch not for for purpose


I have many Samsung appliances, several TVs, a fridge freezer, ear buds, my S20 phone etc, so i am generally a fan of the manufacturer as i have never had a problem with any of these. However, my Galaxy watch has let me down twice. And now it is not working and Samsung wont fix under warranty. For the second time it stopped working a few weeks ago. The small plate at the back came off when the watch got hot while recharging overnight. I put it back on as the rubber gasket was intact and wore it for a day. But the little plate came off while i was out on my daily walk and whilst i put the little plate in my pocket, i did not take the watch off my wrist. It stopped working the following day. Samsung wont honor the warranty as they say that there is liquid damage. The only "liquid" possible is perspiration from the walk. Note that this watch is supposed to be water resistant and there is no warning that this little plate is so vital to the issue. I had a similar problem in February but did not continue wearing the watch without the plate on it. The watch should not have had this issue twice in 6 months. It is NOT fit for purpose. 

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send it back say there is a diff fault with it under warranty
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