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Galaxy Watch HR is a major disappointment

(Topic created on: 21-07-2020 01:57 PM)

Hi there,
A bit of a rant here:

So I treated myself with a brand-new Galaxy Watch. Switching from Fitbit Ionic I knew I was giving up on some fitness features, I knew that Galaxy Watch isn't that accurate when it comes to burnt calories count. What I didn't know was that it's HR monitor is utterly useless.

Here's the story: I set up my watch, happy with everything, awesome watch face, HR monitoring set to continuous, all good to go. I sat down to play on my ps4 and after about 30minutes I noticed that my HR is around 130bpm, A one hundred and thirty beats per minute! OK, quick old school check of my pulse and yes, my bpm was about 55. Quick reboot of the watch fixed it for few minutes but as soon as I moved, literally, just moved it started showing some ridiculous numbers again. My HR would hardly ever go below 90bpm. I thought something was wrong, so I put my fitbit ionic back on, within couple of minutes hr readings stabilized and were showing my usual 50-56bpm while I'm not moving. My resting HR varies between 49-51 depending on my water intake and amount of rest I had (I'm quite fit and I workout a lot). Anyway, back to galaxy watch, boom 120bpm. So the ***** thing isn't just showing a very high bpm but It hardly ever goes any lover. There was a few occasions when it dropped to "around" my normal bpm but as soon as I moved it just jumped right up to my peak cardio hr.
The above isn't the only issue. The watch often gets stuck on, let's say, 110bpm for 10-15minutes and after that time it somehow starts working again or if not I have to either reset the watch or turn off continuous hr measuring, measure it manually, turn continuous hr measuring back on to make it "work". And then it's still useless.

Such an amazing watch with such useless fitness features.

Very very disappointing.

I tried literally every single thing I could, anything I found online to fix it, nothing works. I guess it's just the watch itself that is not fit for purpose.
Funny thing is, when I'm sat still and measure my HR manually it will give the right result but as soon as I switch it back to continous it fires up above 100bpm.

Oh, and the cherry on to - when working out it doesn't count the burnt calories off the HR, it counts them off some stupid algorithm which means that at the end of the workout this watch will only record HALF on the actual calories burnt.


So Yeah, I tried this watch, I don't like it, I mean I like the watch watch but not the fitness part of it, so it looks like it's going back to the shop.

Rant over.
Have a lovely day everyone!