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Galaxy Watch Heart Rate Sensor Keep Measuring when Off


Hi there,

Since my watch was last updated few days ago I'm having strange issues with my Heart Rate Sensor.


First of All - it doesn't work at all, I checked that on 3 different hands (not mine of course :smiling-face: )  and all I can see is that it's trying to get the BPM but after all I can only see an info that "Couldn't measure heart rate. Please try again later". I am trying for 3 consecutive days in a row now and no results. I thought it's my tattoo but tried on the other hand and still nothing. It did work on my tattoo before by the way while I have a clear skin where the watch is located. My girlfriend tried on her hand and she get the same.


What's more the sensor keeps working even if it's off. I've set it to NEVER in the setting but it keeps flashing without a stop, constantly. 


Of course I made the factory reset and the problem came back straight after I tried to measure my heart rate manually keeping the auto setting on OFF. I didn't get the result and since than the sensor keep s flashing


Any ideas, solutions? I'm thinking about going to Samsung Store tomorrow to get it fixed or replaced but if there's anything I can do with it feel free to give me advice. I'm using Gear watches since Gear S2, than it was Gear S3 Frontier and no Galaxy Watch do I think I know how to use it but maybe there is something I don't know.

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I have exactly the same problem. Have you managed to do something or the waranty service is the only place way go?

Unfortunately not, after I tried all software solutions I went to the Store and left it in the service. I don't know what exactly happened because they didn't even check that in the store but the sensor was replaced and since than it works as it should so I recon it's just faulty sensor. It didn't take long to fix it, jist few days and only because they've been waiting for some part (not the sensor itself) to make it fixed so I strongly advise to send it or drop it to the service. They did a good job cause I can't even see that the watch was opened so don't be sorry about scratches etc.


Thanx mate!

I'll take it to service than.


Best regards :winking-face:

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