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Galaxy Watch Heart Rate issues

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So I got the 46mm Galaxy Watch a couple of weeks ago and I like pretty much everything about it except for the heart rate sensor. I was using a FitBit Charge 2 previously and it did a pretty good job of tracking heart rate and giving me the info I needed but I wanted more in a watch so that's why I switched to the Galaxy Watch. Well so far I've had issues where the heart on the Galaxy watch will be will show my HR as being like 90-120 or something when it's actually 50 something(I take my pulse manually). Sometimes it will lock up and stop reading my heart rate and I'll have to reset it. I have it set to continuously monitor my heart rate because I was hoping to get similar data that my FitBit was giving me.


So far I've done 3 full resets of the watch and tried changing settings like turning off the power save feature on the heart rate sensor. Still have issues. It doesn't do it all the time....some days it does just fine and I have no issues so it's not something where I want to return it because it doesn't work all the time it's just annoying when it glitches. Also when it syncs the heart rate data to the Samsung Health app on my phone it usually never imports the data correctly which I don't know what's going on. Like today for instance, my watch shows my HR range of 47-120 with a resting heart rate of 51. In the Samsung Health app it shows 31-120 with a 56 resting heart rate. So, it's like which data is accurate here? On the graph on my watch it shows my HR never going above 85 today and never going below 45....yet its telling me my HR max today was 120 and my low was 31 on the app? Can someone explain this to me or is it a bug or is the heart rate sensor on this watch garbage?

Mine is doing exactly this! Watch shows my range today as 42 - 151 and the app shows it as 35 - 151... I don't understand how there can be a discrepancy. And now, after reading heaps of posts, I'm not holding my breath on a reply or a fix from Samsung.. So frustrating!

Maybe someone from Samsung can explain how these numbers are accurate.....Screenshot_20200309-133342_Samsung Health.jpg




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try turning the watch so that the back of the watch is on the inside of your arm, closer to the veins and arteries. After trying for two years by keeping it on the other side of my arm, this approach seems to be working.

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