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Galaxy watch gps problem and strava

(Topic created on: 08-10-2018 03:05 AM)
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Hello Samsung

I'm very disapointed. I ran the chicago marathon today, a very important event in my runner carrier. Your watch indicated i had run 53km... in place of 42km. Ok... great.

But ok... i can leave with that.

But this run didn't synchronise with strava... never. 

I'm extremely angry. Your watch is just the worst i ever seen. It cannot measure correctly and i cannot use MY datas with the application i want. I have to use this horrible stuff called samsung health to see fake results.

I will destroy this watch, make a youtube video of this destruction. And rebuy a garmin. Thank you so much.




I have the same sort of problem.


With the Strava ap i did a walk for about 3,5 K today.

And there was  no track to see in Strava.


Happely I have a Garmin FR645 for my running.


I don't trust the galaxy watch at all, Just a fun watch and nothing more.