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Galaxy Watch - google assistant




I want to use google assistant on Galaxy Watch but it seems like it's not supported? can we get it in a future update please?

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I'm taking the Galaxy Watch back tomorrow for this reason. Should have Google Play and Maps etc. Quite disappointed but will wait for Pixel Watch 👌

I understand.  Samsung never studied the Sony Betamax failure.


I still have my Galaxy Watch.  But once a decent watch comes out that has Google Assistant on it this thing is gone unless that make assistant run on it   


Bixby still sucks bad.  


What say Samsung let the Assistant work on Galaxy Watch. 

I have to say the Galaxy watch is very good in quality. Battery live is okay so I think it can be a winner in this competition. We only have to convince Samsung for the lack of Google assistant.


Hi guys.


This is more of a device OS platform thing; with the Galaxy Watch running on Tizen rather than Android, and so unable to support Google Assistant. (It's kinda like asking for Siri or Cortana on the Watch...)


Appreciate that Bixby isn't getting much love at the moment, but I do know that Samsung are keen to keep working on improvements to it.



Of cause this is an OS thing but if Samsung would like to cooperate with Google assistent it will be fixed. I understand that Samsung wants his own voice assistant but they are far behind compared to Google. Try to put a meeting in your agenda with Bixby, it is absolutely impossible. There is no recognition of human names. If Samsung is smart, they would give the buyers of the Samsung hardware a choice. I think in the near future the choices for this market will be made by the buyers and when the new Pixel model comes out they will loose a potential market share. The customers will dictate the market.


As a market leader you should not force customers to use products which are far from ready.


I was an iphone user for years since the 3g model and I decided to go away and buy an android phone. Samsung makes very good devices like note 9 and watch and I choose Samsung brand for that and thought that I can use these gadgets with google. Than I learn that Samsung has a project like bixby and they don't name it beta version as it should be. If I know that note 9 side button and watch can not use with google assistant I didn't buy samsung. If they continue like this, they will loose their customers to other brands... 

I have the same feeling. I am waiting for the S10 but not sure now anymore. Probably it will be a Huawei mate 20 pro. Almost the same price but less bloat ware and others problems. I used Samsung for more than 10 years. The watch is great but the software is not ready for the market at this moment.

Bixby is *****. You release a ***** product once you kill it forever.

They need to get Tizen (also *****) to Google so Assistant can get patched in, and have the Svoice renamed Bixby project axed and get those people working on Android for Galaxy watch so the apps are available written for Android.

Everyine with a brain knows Tizen is Samsung trying the Apple iOS model to control more of the cash stream.

There is no such Pixel Watch. It wont be released this year. 

We still need to wait for update on Bixby. In terms of Phone/ Watch optimisation, it's better than Google Assistant. Yet in case of Browsing, Google Assistant takes the lead

???? what beta version of Galaxy watch are you running that Bixby takes the lead in anything?


Bixby set an appointment ..... nada ...... Bixby direction to XXXXXXX,XXXXX nada.....


Thing is not even in prototype useability but it is released to the public.  The fix is simple allow Assistant to patch into the watch and if Bixby ever does become a product the public will decide.


But if you are running some beta version that actually works as well as Assistant please offer up the link to download it, I will try it.  

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