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Galaxy Watch Fitness & Health Tracking not good


Hi there, using the 46mm Galaxy Watch for the 5th day and its become apparent this device is struggling to track anything very well, at least mine doesnt anyway. I have GPS/Location disabled, HR set to always on and AOD off.

HR tracking when working is very high, often it doesnt track at all which could be why the averages are high? Steps too seem on the low side, calorie tracking may as well be disabled and every night my sleep is broken into 2 parts making it hard to visualise REM, light sleep etc. Is anyone else finding this?

Today I went for a walk with GW & a Fitbit..Results below dont look bvery promising, most important to me are HR & Calorie count, steps would be good but not too fussed. I realise no device can accurately detail these but somewhere close would be nice. Has anyone any tips that I may have missed, its my first samsung Watch so not really up to speed yet?


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