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galaxy watch fe battery

(Topic created on: a week ago)
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I have purchased a galaxy watch FE on wednesday of this week and now it just got sent back and a second one out today as the battery is draining so much so quick. I'm having the same problem with this watch as the one I had previously ordered on Wednesday.

It's definitely frustrating to experience battery drain issues on a new device, especially when it happens with a replacement as well. Here are several steps you can take to troubleshoot and potentially resolve the battery drain issues on your Samsung Galaxy Watch FE:

### Troubleshooting Battery Drain Issues

#### **1. Update Software**
- **Watch Software:** Ensure your Galaxy Watch FE is running the latest software. Go to *Settings > About watch > Software update*.
- **Galaxy Wearable App:** Make sure the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone is updated to the latest version.

#### **2. Reset and Reconfigure the Watch**
- Sometimes, a factory reset and fresh setup can resolve issues. Go to *Settings > General > Reset* on your watch and then set it up again from scratch.

#### **3. Optimize Settings for Battery Life**
- **Disable Always-On Display:** Go to *Settings > Display > Watch always on* and turn it off.
- **Adjust Brightness:** Lower the screen brightness or set it to auto. Go to *Settings > Display > Brightness*.
- **Turn off Unused Features:** Disable features like Wi-Fi, GPS, or NFC if not in use. Navigate to *Settings > Connections*.
- **Limit Notifications:** Reduce the number of apps that send notifications to your watch. In the Galaxy Wearable app, go to *Notifications* and select only essential apps.

#### **4. Manage Apps and Background Processes**
- **Uninstall Unnecessary Apps:** Remove any apps you don’t use. Go to *Apps > Manage apps* and uninstall non-essential ones.
- **Background App Settings:** Limit background activity for apps. Go to *Settings > Apps* and adjust the permissions and background usage for each app.

#### **5. Use Power Saving Mode**
- Enable Power Saving Mode to extend battery life significantly. Go to *Settings > Battery > Power saving*.

#### **6. Monitor Battery Usage**
- Check what’s consuming the most power. Go to *Settings > Battery > Battery usage* to identify and address the highest drainers.

#### **7. Check for Rogue Apps**
- Some third-party apps can cause excessive battery drain. Uninstall any recently added apps to see if the problem resolves.

#### **8. Keep Your Watch and Phone Close**
- Ensure your watch and phone are in close proximity to avoid constant Bluetooth searching and reconnecting, which can drain the battery.

### Advanced Steps

#### **1. Check Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Settings**
- **Bluetooth Settings:** Ensure your watch is connected to your phone without frequent disconnections. Go to *Settings > Connections > Bluetooth*.
- **Wi-Fi Settings:** Turn off Wi-Fi if not needed. Go to *Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi*.

#### **2. Disable Unused Sensors**
- Disable sensors like heart rate monitor if not needed. Go to *Settings > Health monitoring > Heart rate* and set it to manual or less frequent checks.

#### **3. Test in Safe Mode**
- Safe Mode can help identify if third-party apps are causing the drain. Restart your watch in Safe Mode by holding the power button until you see the Samsung logo, then release and hold down the lower button until it restarts. Use the watch in Safe Mode to see if battery life improves.

### Seeking Further Assistance

1. **Contact Samsung Support**
- Since you’ve had this issue with two devices, contacting Samsung support directly might be beneficial. They may have specific insights or offer a warranty replacement if it’s a widespread issue.

2. **Check Online Communities**
- Visit forums like Samsung Community or Reddit to see if others with the Galaxy Watch FE are experiencing similar issues and what solutions they’ve found.

3. **Consider a Professional Diagnosis**
- If the problem persists despite all efforts, consider taking the watch to a professional for a diagnosis or replacement, especially if it’s under warranty.