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Galaxy Watch died after 7 months all corroded inside after swimming

(Topic created on: 08-03-2020 08:40 PM)

I have or had should I say the 4g lte galaxy watch.

Samsung are the worst for customer experience.


My watch suddenly died while walking my dog.

Heard a notification on phone looked at phone it said watch disconnected. Look at watch and it is switched off and wont switch back on.


I rang Samsung who said go to my local samsung shop.


I turn up after driving about 12 miles to get there to be told they don't do walk in appointments anymore.


I was not happy. They told me I had to book an appointment which there was none suitable for the following week. 


They wouldn't even take my watch off me and keep there so I can just pick it up when fixed.


I love this watch and use at least 3 to 4 times a week at the gym which includes swimming.

I love the way it tracks lengths and can for example set the time you want to swim for which if you know the swim feature you can set for pretty much any length of time up to a few hours. 


I got used to a watch like this tracking my workout so I purchased the galaxy fit for £89.99 in the Samsung store.


I drive 12 miles home 


I get home to find out it's only £59.99 everywhere else! 

Now I also feel ripped off!

I rang the store the manager answered and told me that's retail for you. Nice customer service I don't think.


I go to the gym go for a swim only to find the new galaxy fit doesn't work properly.


I now have two watches that don't work!!


A week later I drive back to the Samsung store for my appointment.


They take my galaxy 46mm watch off me to repair and tell me to wait a few minutes while they refund me for the galaxy fit that doesn't work.


The engineer comes out and explains in a not so nice and blunt way to say the watch has all corroded in side and will cost to much to repair.

It's not waterproof it is water resistant only I shouldn't of used it for swimming so often even though it has the swimming feature on it and she said it wont be covered under warranty as the warranty states the watch is only water resistant not waterproof even though they advertise it as a swimming watch!!!!!


Apparently there is nothing I can do about it according to the Samsung store or customer service as they will not go against the Samsung engineer.


Which I may ad could be wrong and how does she  know it was not faulty from purchase and let water in every time I used it!!!


Overall my experience from Samsung is horrendous and would never reccomend them or there products to anyone. 


£399 watch lasted 7 months then died


Samsung wont do anything!!! you are an absolute awful theiving company with horrendous customer service who owe me a 4g lte 46mm galaxy watch.




Don't purchase the Samsung Galaxy Active2 watch if you intend to use it for tracking swimming workouts. The warranty states - "Standard Limited Warranty does not cover defects or damage resulting from accident, misuse, abnormal use, abnormal conditions, improper storage, exposure to liquid, moisture, dampness, etc." It should actually say defects or damage resulting from normal use and normal conditions because that is exactly what happened to me.

I bought the Samsung Galaxy Active 2 after researching smartwatches. I specifically searched for “best watch for swimming.” There were several results providing a list of watches for swimmers. The Apple Watch was usually the top choice but since I don’t own an iPhone, that’s not an option for me. High up on most of the lists was the Samsung Galaxy Active. It seemed like a good option.

Shortly after that, Samsung released the Active 2. The reviews raved about how great the watch worked, the style, etc. So I bought one. The promotional material online from Samsung included using the watch for swim workouts, both pool and outdoors which is what they refer to for open water swimming. A detailed review praised the watch for its ability to count laps and detect strokes.

So I’ve owned one since October’19 up until a little more than a week ago. I used it for my swim workouts and it worked. It wasn’t perfect. It does an average job of stroke detection-you can’t rely on it accurately identify the correct stroke (I’m a former division 1 swimmer, so my strokes are good). It also can’t count a lap if you are using a kickboard. Other than that, the lap counting is pretty good. I swim 5000yds, 5 or 6 days a week. That’s 200 laps and the watch usually counts it correctly.

I was happy with the watch. Then our pools closed due to the pandemic. The main pool I use during the summer recently announced they will not open this season. I decided to buy a wetsuit so I can swim in the lake.

The wetsuit arrived about 2 weeks ago and the manufacturer recommends testing it for size by going for a swim. They allow returns/refunds within 30 days. I tested the suit the day after it arrived at our nearby lake. I also wore my watch and set it to track outdoor swimming. After I finished my swim I noticed the screen on my watch was blank. I pressed the button to disable water lock mode and it didn’t respond to any button presses. After I got home, I contacted customer service and described my problem. They verified it was under warranty (which doesn’t expire until October’20) and provided instructions and a shipping label for sending it in for repair. I sent it off the next day. Several days later I got an email saying the watch was received. Then a few days after that I got an email message from Samsung support stating that my watch is not under warranty. I thought it was probably a clerical error, so I immediately called the phone # on the message. After speaking with someone they told me it probably wasn’t covered because of water damage. I argued that the watch was rated for 5ATM blah, blah blah, to no avail.

For those of you thinking about buying this watch for swimming, don’t. It will eventually fail and it won’t be covered under warranty.

For more information about this, do a Google search for "Samsung watch warranty useless" and you will find many people who've had this exact same experience.


Samsung are a disgusting thieving company who advertise watches for swimming yet they are not waterproof and refuse to cover warranty for water damage.

They are happy to take your money and tell you how amazing they are at counting lengths and strokes. As soon as there is a water damage problem they are not interested.

We should all group together and go to trading standards and the ombudsman.

We are all due refunds.

First Poster

I had an exact same problem with the watch and join this group of disappointed customers! Shame on you Samsung for false advertising and cheating on your consumers. I'm very disappointed with Samsung! My friends with apple watches have 0 problems like that 


I've just had the same problem. Bought through Amazon UK supplied by Samsung EU. Watch died, sent to Samsung Spain twice for repair. A few months later watch died again. Sent to Samsung Spain who said it was water damaged and not covered under warranty. Came to UK, sent it off for repair and they said 

pogo door is missing and there is a substance on the contact points of the board where the cover should be.

I couldn't possibly have caused this damage but they are not interested.

Never, ever will I buy Samsung again

I have since moved on to fitbit versa and never had a problem and very accurate. Only down side you dont see how many lengths you have done till watch syncs with app. You only have time. I dont mind this. The garmin swim 2 is also very good which I also have which does everything. But didn't like it as an everyday watch.