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Galaxy Watch, can I disable the "No Notifications" screen?

(Topic created on: 17-10-2018 06:11 AM)

Way too often (and especially when someone says "cool watch" and wants to see it) I raise/rotate my watch to see the time or date or heart beat or battery percentage or step count (all things on my configured watch face) ... instead I see this screen below telling me I don't have any notifications. I expect to only ever see that screen if I turn the bezel to the notifications screen and it has none to show me. The gesture of looking at my watch doesn't mean "I wonder if I have any notifications and if I don't I want to see a screen telling me I don't have any". There's already a state to show me that I don't have any notifications ... it's called the watch face and no notifications dot visible (it's a yellow dot on the left on the watch face I'm using).

Currently I'm assuming that my only option is to set "always-on" and disable gestures. Although I won't be surprised if it randomly shows the no notifications screen even then. #ThisIsPissingMeOff

Note: I have 22 apps configured to give me notifications already. I clearly know how to do it. I don't need the watch to remind me that it's possible to do that. Also I get at least 20 notifications a day on there. I don't approve of this passive aggressive hint.


2018-10-17 05.49.36.png