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Galaxy watch bluetooth distance

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I am very disappointed in the distance I can go without my phone on me. I work in a small nursing unit and cant carry my phone so I went from a fitbit to the Galaxy watc active 2. I move 50 feet from phone and I am disconected from bluetooth. This is very disapointing due to my fitbit let me trave area of unit with connection but wouldnt let me reply to messages. Do I need to do something different on my watch and phone to get more distance or do I just need to go back to my fitbit?

I am not very tech savy so would appreciate any helpfull tips.



Hi Linda,


Do you have wifi at work that you can use?  If you set the watch up to sign into the same wifi network as your phone, and leave wifi on auto, the watch will connect to the wifi network when bluetooth disconnects.  I've only tested with text messages but you can receive and respond without the bluetooth connection.

I tried your suggestion and this did not get me any better distance. I seem to be only getting about 40 feet from my phone before it disconects and have to get close to phone to reconnect. I am disappointed in this watch for this issue but thanks for the suggestion

Bluetooth will still disconnect but will reconnect through wifi, does for mine.  Hope you find a solution

In the galaxy wearable app, if you click on Account and backup you should see a remote connection option.  This needs to be on.  If the wifi is password protected you'll need to enter the password on both the phone and watch.  It links through your samsung account

I am not sure you are aware of this but when you are using wi-fi, the distance from your phone is connects to the wifi signal so youre phone can be super far as long as it too is connected to the wi-fi. 

I have the same issue. Used with 3 different phones. Razer Phone 1, disconnects 1 room away from phone. Pixel 3a, disconnects while phone and watch are less than a foot apart. Oneplus 7 Pro, disconnects same 1 room distance as Razer. I should mention there are no disconnects in those scenarios when using old Gear S3 Frontier. Was hoping Galaxy watch was improved but doesn't seem to be the case. 

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I agree! I can not even go 20 feet from my office to the powder room without disconnecting and closed doors in between.  Tonight at a backyard picnic i put my phone on the charger and on the dashboard of the car and placed my lawn chair less than 20ft away, i could see it but could not connect. This basically means this is usless to me since i have to lug my phone around with me for it to work.  I too bought this to use for work where i cannot keep my phone with me. I used to be able to actually leave my phone in my car and still be connected to my fitbit  while working inside of my school building! This watch, 2xs as expensive is SO disappointing.

  • this wifi connection solution does not work even inside of my home on my home wifi :'(
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with the Bluetooth version if I go for a run does it still keep tracking if I leave my phone at home? is the GPS and other Sport apps work if I'm away from my phone? thanks
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