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Galaxy Watch and Strava


I just bought the Galaxy Watch 42mm, and so far I'm happy with the watch. The UI is great, navigating with the bezel is a dream, and notifications work great even though I'm using an iPhone.


However, the fact that I have no option to use Strava with the Galaxy Watch, either native app or through Samsung Health, is mind-boggling. And infuriating. Especially since Strava is featured as one of the apps for the Galaxy Watch on Samsung's website ( 

Imgur link showing how they feature the Strava app on Galaxy Watch (


The only communication regarding Strava on the Galaxy Watch is from @StravaSupport on Twitter. Which in itself is weird. No communication from Samsung, yet Strava informs the community that Samsung is working on an app.


I really hope Samsung tells us what their plan is, and when we can expect the Strava app. Featuring an app on their "showcase" page that isn't available several weeks after launch is unacceptable.


So, Samsung: what is your plan with regards to the advertised Strava app on the Galaxy Watch?

Yes, unfortunately but I thought it worth it so that I could potentially track my events in the future. I tested it last night and now 5 minutes ago and its working perfectly.
I'm obviously not promising that this will fix your issue but if you are willing to take the chance then it may pay off for you too.


Hi all, 


Strava have released an update and everything is now working! I was able to sync activities from the weekend with no issues. Very quick turnaround from the app developers there! Hope everyone experiences the same following the update. 





Thanks James and Marcus.


I thought after I'd messaged above that since I'd now been able to successfully sync through WIFI there was no reason not to unistall and retry.  That said, I've now installed the new update so hopefully we're all good.  We'll see in about a year's time when I start my next New Year's Resolution.  lol   Maybe it will just make matters worse.  Fingers crossed it doesn't otherwise my next visit online will be to place an order for a Fenix 5.  [not joking]


A good thing however, I'm halfway through a work day here in the UK and am only down to 96% so hopefully no lasting damage to the battery.


Thanks all for your help.  J. 


Great that it worked in the end.


had a slight panic today as it didn’t sync straight away but it did it as soon as watch synced to WiFi.


happy new year all, happy exercising 


Thanks Marcus!


Just updated Strava on my watch and I'm now able to sync my old activities from last week.


I'm glad they sorted it out so quickly!


Kind Regards

Johan de Villiers


chiedo scusa,sono nuovo e non so se posso,ma volevo gentilmente chiedervi che codice bisogna mettere per strava,grazie 



Sync'd without a problem today and battery is behaving itself.  Two full days and 53% left.

scusate,ho installato strava da samsung apps ma mi chiede il code a 4 cifre,a parte il fatto che mi fa inserire sono gli zero,ma che code dovrei dargli? non è la versione gratis?grazie buona serata
Angelo52, after installing the app on the watch, go to using a web browser. Once you go to that webpage and login using your Strava account details, it provides you with a 4-digit pin for you to insert into the watch. Put the pin in and you’re then connected. All done.

Good luck. J.

ringrazio per le informazioni,installazione riuscita,non rimane che provarla su strada...grazie ciao

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